Advice please 😏

Hi all, we have our consultation tomorrow with the doctor at our clinic. All paperwork signed and understood as much as possible πŸ™ˆ Just wondering..will the doctor tell us tomorrow when we'll actually start our treatment or would that be on our nurse consultation on Friday?

Feeling very nervous but so excited to hopefully finally start actual treatment!

Thanks in advance xoxox

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  • Our treatment schedule was outlined at protocol appointment, that was with a nurse - it was at this point we returned the paperwork. I gather the process differs from clinic to clinic though.

    Have you had pre tests - HSG & 3D scan?

  • Ahhh okay. Thank you! We've been told to return all paperwork tomorrow with the doctor. Then have a consultation with the nurse Friday -which I've been told is to learn about the drugs/injections.. Itching to get a start date now 😊 Yes - well I think so we've had all tests done prior to this point through GP and clinic. As far as I'm aware Monday was our last ones needed which were more bloods for HIV etc xox

  • oh good, sounds like you're almost there! hopefully you'll get started soon.

    do you know if you're on short or long protocol? x

  • Thank you!! I really hope so! 😊 from what I can understand these appointments tomorrow and Friday will be the ones where we find out.

    I have no idea about the protocol yet- this hasn't been explained yet and if I'm honest πŸ™„ I don't really understand it all still no matter how many times ive read about it πŸ˜‚ hoping this sinks in tomorrow xox

  • oh god, i know, i still feel out of my depth with all the terms on dr google!

    i was on long protocol - i started down regulation on 17 january & test this weekend, so about 7 weeks in total.

    wishing you lots of luck on your journey & sending positive vibes your way ✨✨✨✨✨

  • Ohhh wow! How exciting. Best of luck to you. Fingers firmly crossed for the weekend!! 😊

    Hopefully I'll find out all the info tomorrow. I hope so coz my little brain can't take much more of this suspense! πŸ˜‚ thanks for your help xox

  • Woooooo hooooooo sounds like you are almost there. .I totally know what you mean..we are on our 2nd cycle and still bamboozled by a lot of this..good luck and let us know how you go xxxx

  • Thank you! Really hope so. After a pretty restless night I'm up and attempting to get ready for this appointment. Nerves are at a maximum 😏 Thanks for your reply and an update will follow later 😊 xox

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