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Long protocol - should I try it?

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Hi all

So had baseline scan on Wed, endometrium too thick again this month indicating an abnormal cycle. Oestradiol too high again, bascically I gave geriatric ovaries. It’s hopeless trying with my eggs. But I still have NHS funding left as I was given a second set of funding after they made an error and did IVF instead of ICSI on the one egg retrieved during my May/June cycle. So here are my options in no particular order :

1. Use funding to try long protocol. I’ve been on short protocol. Anyone out there with low AMH around my age (39) who have tried long protocol?

2. Move to donor eggs in a private clinic but I can’t move NHS funding with me so this will cost us. We’ve researched the costs and have been saving like mad. We’ve been renting our spare room through Airbnb, have set up little ventures outside our normal 9-5 to earn extra money & cut down to one car. This means we’ve been saving £700-£1k each month.

3. Use our NHS funding for donor eggs but waiting list is 12-18 months compared to 3-6 months if we go privately.

All thoughts and experiences welcome.

Hugs to you all,


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Hi, sounds like some tough decision making. I don't have experience of the long protocol or donor eggs, but as a general idea maybe you could ask yourself would you have any 'what if..?' regrets looking back? Say you went to donor eggs next and it worked, would you have any regrets about not trying with your own eggs (I'm not trying to make any suggestions one way or the other of course).

One other thing re funding, I've not used it myself but I've heard Access Fertility does money back options for unsuccessful treatment, just in case that was worth checking out.

Wishing you all the best with whatever you decide 😊 xx

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jengi in reply to Kcrochet

Thanks Kcrochet, very useful suggestions.

I've had experience with 2 long and 1 short. 2 long I got 10 eggs 1st attempt and 16 2nd attempt. Only 2 made it to 5 day blasto, both ended in MC. 3rd attempt at private clinic, AMH had halved from 13.9 to 6.2 all due to my endo removal. Doc felt it was my egg quality that was the issue, advised to take DHEA for 4 months then attempt short, looking for quality over quantity. Surprisingly I got 10 eggs, 8 fertilised and 5 made it to blast. Transferred 2 and 3 Frosties, never had any Frosties before. Unfortunately not successful but I defo think it was a better result for us as we have 3 Frosties. It's now time for further investigations before we attempt to transfer these 1s...,hope this helps xx

Hi hunny, I know each cycle is different, but I did long protocol for my first round and got zero eggs, thankfully it was classed as a cancelled cycle as there were no eggs, so we still have two funded rounds left, we’re having another go at an altered long protocol this December and if we get the same outcome we’re going to use our last funded cycle on donor eggs but will also have to wait the 12 / 18 months. I’m 38 so the long wait feels so frustrating but possibly better than pinning my hopes on my ropey eggs. It’s really not an easy decision to make 😘 x x

My clinic only offer long protocol saying that’s how they get the best results. I had a successful round with it at 39 but I don’t think my amh is especially low for my age.

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