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Long protocol and PCO


Just wondering if anyone on here has gone through the long protocol even though they have polycystic ovaries.

I don’t have pcos but so have a lot of follicles so they said I have polycystic looking ovaries. My first round was on the short protocol. I got 8 eggs but had a lot of small follicles that weren’t big enough to have eggs in them. The doctor said there was significant discordant growth.

For my second round, they are putting me on the long protocol but I’m worried I’ll overstimulate. I don’t know my AMH because my clinic has never tested for it and don’t use it as a metric. Really not looking forward to this long protocol - 32 days of injections 😣

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I’ve got PCOS and have done the long protocol twice, my clinic monitored me closely to make sure I didn’t over stimulate. Hope it goes well for you xx

I have PCO (not syndrome) and did a long protocol too. My Consultant felt it gave him ‘more control’. I’ll be honest I did overstim slightly but that’s because he told me just to take all remaining stim drugs on the last day before trigger / EC. I went from a total of 225IUs per day to 350IUs and I think that’s what did it. Also I only started getting OHSS 2 days after transfer (triggered by both embryos implanting). I got 7 blasts from the cycle so while a bit gruesome, I think it was worth it.

Good luck!

abcgirl in reply to Mogwai_2

Thanks for that. I’ll be on 150 so then perhaps it’ll be okay. So tricky to find info for people with PCO but not PCOS - so confusing as well.

Mogwai_2 in reply to abcgirl

That seems to be the standard starting point for ladies with PCOs. I flick-flacked between 150-225 IUs. Just make sure they do monitor you closely (every few days) and then they will be able to tweak the dose as required.

Most women don’t overstimulate and to be honest, even though I did it wasn’t the worst experience I’ve ever had. Try not to worry about it. The first step is getting them follicles growing nicely so they have lots of eggs to collect - and that’s where having PCOs should help you! There has to be some silver lining to them after all!

Hi Hun!

Finally someone who has been told the same as me! I am on my first cycle of the long protocol treatment, I'm day 21 and have my baseline scan friday.. My AMH was 23 which they said was good but I am not too sure exactly... I am too worried about OHSS fingers crossed for us both that it will be ok :) xxxx

abcgirl in reply to Gingergirl17

Good luck!


Hi abcgirl. Hopefully, your specialist should be able to monitor you more closely to avid any OHSS. They've got your history, so it should be safer this time round. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

abcgirl in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks! My other concern is that they don’t do blood tests to monitor for high estrogen level which is a sign of OHSS... so we’ll see how it goes. Every time I go in however, it’s a different nurse or consultant so it feels like they may not know my whole history. Thanks for thinking of me!

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to abcgirl

Hi. Just you make sure they listen to you when you’re seen. Good luck! Diane

Hey honey just wanted to say i will be thinking of you. best wishes for you. xx

Im on long protocol and don't have PCOS - the injections days are very very long but I guess its worth it in the end. Im sure you are already but really dry to drink plenty of water and have high protein low carb diet and this can help with over stimulating! Good luck xx

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