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Long Protocol IVF


Hey ladies,

I am due to start long protocol ivf this month. They want me to start down reg on day 21 of my cycle for 3 weeks.

I just wondered is the 3 weeks down reg set in stone or can it be shorter? Does it depend on how I respond? Will I need to go for scans during this phase?

How long roughly is the stimulating phase? How many times do you think I’ll have to go for scans for this part?

I have very low AMH so we are hoping it will work for us. I have severe endo to include a chocolate cyst which has been removed so I’m hoping the quality of my eggs hasn’t been compromised 😖.

Thanks in advance

Laura x

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Hi there :)

Snap! I will be starting day down reg on 21 of this month (so around 22nd March)

I can imagine it wont be the same for everybody, but I will start on the down reg injections, call them on my next period, then 7 days after that I will go in for a scan, to check my ovaries are shut down etc. Then will be on the stim injections. Normally then you have a scan on day 8 of the stims, and then maybe 1 or 2 after to see when you are ready for egg collection. (Normally around day 10-12)

Whilst on the stims though, I will still take the buserelin. So all in all for long protocol it will be around 4 weeks from start of down reg drugs to egg collection. I hope this helps. Wishing you lots of luck, looks like we might be cycle buddies xxx

Hey, thank you for your reply! I am just waiting for AF to show up so I will know what day 21 is for me! We will have to stay in contact.

Thanks for the clarification. I haven’t been told all of that, I have a nurse appt with the clinic on the 18th so I’d probably come out more then, but I am impatient!

Basically it all depends on how your body is reacting to the meds etc. I only have the one ovary so hopefully the meds aren’t too strong for me! Haha.

I wish you lots of luck too. Sending you baby dust! xx

Hope AF isn't too far away for you!!

I have a nurse appointment next week too so I am hoping they will clarify it all in person, I only have it in writing and can be difficult to understand (my first time on long protocol)

I'm the same..very impatient! Just want to start now!

Let me know how your appointment goes lovely, best of luck xx

Thank you hun, you too! This is my first ever ivf cycle so I’m really anxious and nervous. Not sure what to expect! x

I start my nasal spray on 22nd March too - cycle buddies 👍🤞😍

Ah yay I am so pleased I have some buddies to talk through this process with!! Have you opted for the nasal spray instead of the injections? xx

No I wasn’t given an option. Albeit I’m really happy about it!!!

I’ve been given the option but I opted for the injection only because with the nasal spray it’s 3 times a day but the injection is once a day so just more convenient for me!! x

Oh god - mine will be twice day at 7am and 7pm

Oh yay! I wish I was having nasal spray rather than injections 😫, lots of luck lovely, keep in touch xx


I started down reg 2 weeks ago almost and am due my first scan on the 17th to get a base line. I think it has to be 3 weeks long to enable the withdrawal to complete so they can start the stimulation phase knowing it's the start of a completely fresh cycle. I only have one scan in down reg, 2 days after that scan I start Gonal f in the stimulation phase and continue my synarel at a lower dose. The stimulation phase for me is another 3 weeks.

I hope that helped a little, at least it's nice to know it's fairly common time scales for people on long protocol.

Good luck with everything! Xx

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your response. It really helps to understand it a bit more. So I will start the buserelin injections on day 21 and I think they want me to have Menopur for the stimulating. Do you carry on taking both injections throughout?

It’s made complicated by the fact I’m due to have a kidney stent removed on 21st April and I am worried in case the anaesthetic (general) will affect my egg quality and I was thinking what if I need to go for a scan and I can’t!

Good luck with everything 😘 xx

On my first IVF cycle I used buserelin from day 21 for 2 weeks. Just before my US (2 days before) I had my period, so I could start my stim injections straightaway. I carried on having Menopur and Buserelin until trigger shot. Buserelin in the morning and Menopur at night as advised by my doctor. Buserelin is a injection that I hate the most because of the side effects. Thanks God I never had to use it again.

Good luck to you and keep us updated 🤞💖

Megandmog in reply to Ranchu90

Thank you for your reply ! So it seems everyone is different then, so I can’t plan how it’s going to go (I like to have a plan in my head). Oh god what are the side effects? Are they menopausal ones?? Good luck to you xxx

Ranchu90 in reply to Megandmog

Yes they are menopausal one, hot flushes 🥵 been the worst for me

Hopefully you will be the lucky one not having them 🤞

Megandmog in reply to Ranchu90

Well I hope so! I was put on 3 months worth of Zoladex which has a similar effect, and I used to get night sweats with those! x

Ranchu90 in reply to Megandmog

3 months??!😳 🤯huh that is long

This was for suppressing your hormones or different reason?

Sweats or hot flushes are not far from each other, both equal awful 😖😣

Megandmog in reply to Ranchu90

Yeah, it was to stop my endometriosis growing (I think) to give my body a bit of a break!! xx

Ranchu90 in reply to Megandmog

Ohhh I am really sorry, that is a struggle ☹️

I wish you very best of luck and take care of you ❤️


I was put on a long protocol.

Day 21 I started my nasals. After 2 weeks I had a down reg scan.

I then started my Gonal Pens the day after for around 10 days and then I had a scan.

My follicles were ready so triggered the day after and EC was 48 hours after.

I thought I’d be called in daily the way they explained it at the beginning but I only had 2 scans before EC. Hope it helps. I tried to plan it in my diary but gave up and just went with the flow as you just never know and everyone is different x

That’s what I thought too, that I’d be up and down to the clinic every other day or something! I guess it’s case by case. Thank you for your experience xx


I searched for long protocol post and this came up. My first failed ivf was short protocol responded well to stims out of 6 fertilised eggs on day 3 only one was good enough to be put back.

I am going to be on long protocol and I have been told to start Buserelin on day 19(guess due to 26days cycle as most people start on day 21).

My base line scan is going to be on the next Tuesday after downregging for 2weeks, so I might have to down reg for 2+. The idea is I have to down reg for two weeks , start stims with gonal F and continue with a lower dose of Buserelin on the day of baseline scan if all goes well.

I was told my period will come on during this time but not to worry and continue to taking injections.

Scans are done in my clinic Mon-Wed and Fridays .

I have picked up my medication but won’t start until mid April, I have just noticed I was not given cetrotide this time 😉. I am guessing it’s same as Buserelin.

Ladies can I ask this please ? My Buserelin injections says for men only, should I be worried or there is something I don’t know about the injection ?

Good luck to all the ladies.Xx

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