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Long and short protocol?


Had a failed icsi cycle back in December, had a follow up appointment today and last time I was on a long protocol and responded really well with twelve fertilised eggs but by egg transfer they had all gone flop! So this time they are going to put me on a short protocol, does anyone know if this works better than a long protocol?

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I have just finished a short cycle and I hate to say I had a negative test this morning, but this is only my 1st cycle, so I have not experienced long cycle.

Anghun in reply to Mrslparsler

Sorry to hear about your negative , it's so hard but stay positive :) thank you for you reply x

We had a failed long cycle in October/November and the consultant said we'd try short protocol next time. I had fewer side effects and it's supposed to be kinder on your ovaries. Last time the consultant said that there may have been too much oestrogen in my body and that might have been why the first cycle failed.

I was disappointed to get 2 eggs yesterday but they both fertilised. On the first cycle we got 13 eggs.

I think they try long protocol first and then short protocol to see which system works best for your body.

Good luck!

Anghun in reply to pm27

Thank you pm for your reply , I am guessing I will have less eggs with the short protocol but if less means better than I would be happy :) I am happier going into my second cycle because I know what to expect , the first cycle I think I just worked myself up so much because I wasn't sure what was going to happen x

pm27 in reply to Anghun

I was less anxious/stressed with the second treatment as I had more of an idea of what to expect too.

Hope you get success with this round.

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