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*update* 11 week scan....

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All went well guys - we have a wriggler! :)

Still no fetal abnormality information until 12 week nhs scan. But feel reassured we can relax a bit on holiday.

When do these scans become enjoyable? My heart was racing during the scan but he said I calmed down by the end.

Thanks to everyone who recommended we do this - it was a stretch financially but worth it for some peace of mind.


On our way to our private pre-holiday 11 week scan.....

Very nervous - keeping everything crossed..

Hope this little guy is still in here....


38 Replies

Good luck Hun, I hope the scan confirms all is well πŸ™‚ x

Good luck!

Good luck my lovely.. xx

Best wishes. Hope the scan goes well xx

I'm sure it will be all good news! 😘😘😘

Just stay nice and chilled, I’m sure everything will be fine my lovely 😊

Hoping everything goes ok!xx

Good luck let us know how it goes x

Update above πŸ’•

Absolutely delighted for you both, congratulations! Hope you can enjoy your holiday now!xx

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Yes we will :) just wish I could have had a stiff drink. How is everything going? And with your mum too? Xxx

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Ha ha ha plenty of time for stiff drinks in 7 months time!

Im ok, nervous for my transfer on Tuesday....already thinking about test day way too much....eeeek! Mum is good thank you, we got her date through for surgery which is this Monday....sods law knew it would be the same time as Im doing transfer however will be glad to see her out the other side! Thanks for asking!xx

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Omg 2 for one! Maybe it is good as you will be thinking about her and taking your mind of your transfer.

Hope you have lots of other distraction planned for your 2ww.

Exciting you are nearly there.


Big hugs to mum for Monday Cinders and obviously you for transfer. I'll be thinking of you both πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’

Thanks hun! Need all the good luck we can get. Bit nervous for both but Im sure it'll be fine! Getting scared for test day already and Ive not even transferred! Ha ha haxx

So natural hun. After all you've been through. Keeping everything crossed for you my love. Really hope this time is yours and of course mums surgery goes well πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’

Thanks so much, really appreciate it....you're so kind!xx

Bless ya πŸ˜˜πŸ’

Yay. Such good news. Hope you enjoynyour holiday now much more relaxed xx

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ yes we can relax for a bit now x

Fabulous news.... now go and enjoy your holiday lady πŸ’•πŸ’•

Awesome!! Have a fab holiday πŸ’œβ˜€οΈπŸ

Great news! Now enjoy that holiday! Xx

Really pleased all went well. Enjoy your well deserved break xx

Glad your scan went well. Does a private scan cost alot? I think its a good idea. Bit of piece of mind xx

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This was Β£100 for just a viability scan, Β£180 for Nuchal scan and then Β£500 I think for the full Harmony test.

We just had the viability one again as I was too early for the Nuchal scan.

Β£100 isn't much for some people but I haven't worked since my redundancy so we are pretty skint! :)

It is 100% worth it - thanks to the ladies on here or I wouldn't have thought of it as an option.

How are you doing? Are you considering it?


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Loulav in reply to

Ive never heard of the other 2 scans. I'll have to have a little read up on them. Id definitely consider an additional scan, its just extra reassurance isn't it.

Im good thank u, i think πŸ€”.

Finding it really hard to get excited about my pregnancy. Sound's awful doenst it. I was crying for ages the other day, knowing that when people come to visit the baby after ive given birth, that they will be saying things like " oh he/she's got her mummys (my wife, as its her egg im carrying) eye's/nose/mouth etc. And no one won't be able to say that to me. Sound's stupid and selfish i know. Maybe its my hormones xx

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It is such a strange mix of emotions. The baby will have so much of you though - they grow and live inside you for 9 months that is such a special bond that cannot be broken.

You will always be their mother :)

Just feel like there are a lot of different versions of motherhood now - especially after going through this experience, even if you do not carry the child.

If you want to have a scan at any point I would recommend it - just if you are feeling anxious etc. It makes a difference to see the little guy on screen. Just the viability scan calmed me down.

We are too scared to be excited at the moment for this pregnancy. We feel blessed and crossing our fingers it all progresses well.


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Loulav in reply to

I need to give my head a shake don't I!! There's plenty of women who would kill to be in my postition. Im gonna blame the hormones.

Maybe having the viability scan might help me connect with the embryo more and make it all seem more real.

Only 1 more week and maybe you'll be able to enjoy your pregnancy? X

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Yes I would recommend it - we just think it is not in there at all (apart from my symptoms) and then to see it is amazing.

But you have been through so many pregnancies already :)

Yes I think we need the Nuchal scan to get the all clear for abnormalities and it might seem even more real.

Go easy on yourself - you are doing amazingly!!! :)


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Thanks for your support Eb. Do you have morning sickness? X

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Kind of 24 hour nausea and generally off my normal food and really tired. Thankfully no actual vomiting - so happy for this.

How you feeling? Any symptoms or still too early?


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I don't know why we call it morning sickness. Its an all day thing. Queeziness can be just as bad as vomiting.

Ive just got sore boobs . Im only 5 weeks so too early for sickness xx

Really pleased all is well hun. Now you go enjoy your holiday. As for enjoying scans. I can't answer that because I'm anxious every time. Iv got one on the 4th August 4d, one then a growth on the 7th anxiety is always there. But when you start feeling them properly it does help although then other anxieties prop up like lack of movements extra it's hard. But your doing well hun.

Congratulations πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’

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Awww thanks for responding. The doctor said my placenta is at the front so I might not feel movement until a lot later.

Best of luck with your scans - they are not long now.

I moved my 12 week scan to the 9th August instead of 13th.

Fingers crossed for us both.


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Haha bless ya, I don't get supisticious with number 13 my dad was born on the 13 and my daughter in 2013. I do understand why you did that though.

Good luck for your dating scan hun. That itself is a milestone you'll feel a lot of reassurance then πŸ˜˜πŸ’

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Oh haha it wasn't for that reason - but now you mention it! 🀣 no my dates slightly changed today with this scan so was better to get a few days earlier the doctor said - to make sure it is really accurate.


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πŸ˜‚ sorry just automatically thought as number 13.

Oh that's good hun. Looking forward to your update


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