1st scan ✅

1st scan ✅

I want you all to know that positivity is key!

I have tried to remain as positive as I can throughout until proven otherwise (granted a few meltdowns but don't we all when waiting for something we want so bad).

This post is not to upset anyone but to show that with one ovary you can still succeed, in my low days before ivf wanting a baby so much I wish someone would have shown me a hope story like this in the same situation.

So we had our first scan after countless amounts of home tests even after the confirmed blood test 😂

Lovely little heartbeat flickering away, the whole scan, nothing quiet like seeing that!

And all perfect size, discharged from clinic to gp now for midwife appointments etc, next wait 4 and a half weeks for the 12 week scan (may buy a cheeky early scan privately just to check on bubba)

Best of luck to you all no matter where you are in the cycle..

Just have a little faith 😘

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  • Lovely post congratulations xxx

  • Aw what a lovely post thank you for sharing, I am in the 2ww at the minute and the days are draaggggiinnng by 😫 Just what I needed to see, will keep my positive pants on xxxx

  • Wonderful to see, congratulations!! Gives me hope!xx

  • Congratulations... Happy Days x

  • Your post is a wonderful one, many congrats once again. Wishing you all the very best in the journey ahead

  • It's a beautiful moment xx

  • Big cheer for the solo ovary!

  • Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Xxxxx

  • Congratulations - love seeing positive posts xxx

  • I paid for an early scan, to see nothing before 12 weeks just seems too long. All the best with the next milestones xx

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