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Timing of drugs - update


So all of this worry and concern about timings of our drugs etc, getting mixed up initially (going an hour the other way for my alarm setting!), then fixing it all before I went to sleep.... I realised that I have been taking my middle of the day progynova exactly an hour late every single day since I came back from Spain! Woops. 🤣

I am so glad that through all the posts last night I am more relaxed about timings, realising that not every clinic is as strict with their timings as mine. Thank you all xx

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Mine didn’t tell me to space them 12 hours apart, they just said morning and evening so it can’t be that important really. I only learned on here that meds should be evenly spaced xx

Camillage in reply to Tugsgirl

I only learned here not to stress about exact timings. Lol xx

Progynova timing really doesn’t matter- the key thing is that it is a divided dose so your body can cope with it, not that you are topping up to create consistent levels through the day, so you can take it pretty much whenever as long as they are spread through the day.

I just used to take my three tablets with my three meals, whatever time they happened to be.

Phew! I did used to worry a lot about that, but I do worry about everything! Great to know it's not such a panic x

Thank goodness. You don’t need anything else to worry about at this time. Good luck xx

Camillage in reply to hifer

Ha ha. I worry about holding doors open the right way! I.e. I can worry about rain on a cloudless day. You get the picture xx

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