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The body - why does it play these tricks on us?


Hi lovely ladies,

Currently cycle day 33, normally bang on 30 day cycle. Still no sign of period. Did a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative 😔 don’t know why I was expecting anything different.

I have started both sertraline for my mental health and metformin to help regulate my ovulation this month (i normally ovulate late, day 21) both i started in the middle of my cycle.

Do you think either one of those meds could be messing up my cycle a bit? So cruel to have my first ever later period in 18months and no pregnancy xx

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Sorry you are in such limbo, it’s not nice.

I don’t think either could delay a period.

When did you ovulate?

You should expect a period 2 weeks after ovulation if you are not pregnant.

What test did you use? The sensitivity will vary & you need to use a sensitive test around your period due date. Did you use first urine? That will affect the result, at that early point first urine is important.

I was 16 days post Lh surge when I got my positive test & used a clearblue conception pregnancy test.

Until your period comes I’d remain hopeful, your missed period is a sign if your cycles are normally regular. Maybe re test in a few days if it’s still a no show.

Soon enough you will have answers one way or another.

I’ve got everything crossed for you that it’s a BFP, keep us updated xoxo 😘

Sunshine92 in reply to jess1981

Thank you lovely! Well according to temps day 22 this month, which is a day later than what is normal for me, but my luteal phase is only ever 9-10 days which I know is on the short side.

Trying to keep positive that even if im not pregnant at least my luteal phase has extended to the longest it has ever been!

I used a lloyds pharmacy extra sensitive test first urine so pretty accurate i think “/

I’ll try again in a few days if still a no show. Got my letter this month for my HSG just need to call and arrange on first day of my period! So frustrating xx

jess1981 in reply to Sunshine92

So you’ll only 11 post ovulation that’s very early to test, it might not show yet. Give it a few more days - ideally 14 days after ovulation. If you are not pregnant you will get your period.

I am keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻 and definitely feel hopeful until there is areason not to be xoxo 😘

Sunshine92 in reply to jess1981

Woke up at 4:30am, temp had dropped a little, went to the toilet and passed x2 small blood clots 😔 think thats me out another month xx

jess1981 in reply to Sunshine92

So sorry to hear this.

My temperature dropped too!

Is it a full flow? Until it’s full AF there is hope xoxo

Hi Sunshine, I'm going through something similar. I just started taking clomiphene for the first time a few days ago after getting what I thought was a light start to my period (day 32). Then nothing has happened since, and so I've not got my period as I thought and I'm not pregnant. I've somehow missed a period but it's not pregnancy :(

I've been advised to do my course of clomiphene as planned but I'm frustrated that now that I'm on medication things aren't working properly. I'm worried that stress might be a factor but it could be that I've lost some weight recently with the aim of increasing my fertility chances (the irony).

I don't understand what's happening but it does help being able to come on here and talk to other people dealing with similar frustrations. I hope everything works out and that you get some clarity soon xx

Sunshine92 in reply to Gibboreo

How odd! May also be the full moon we apparently have at the moment 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈

Being so in tune with your body and its routine definitely has its perks but also its pit falls. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on. My Dr wants to see how i get on with metformin for a few months then potentially consider clomiphene xx

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