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Embryo transfer today

Had my ET earlier, got 1 good one to blastocyst, 1 which we are waiting to here about to possible freezing and the other two didn't develop well after day 3.

Excited and a bit nervous....the clinic told me to do a test on the 7th which is under 2 weeks? Is this right?

Also, the last couple of years I have been working out with a personal trainer to drop some weight and go cycling daily.

Can I still do cardio and cycling or do I need to cut it out if I test positive?

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That's exciting..well done you.

Our last round we got 1 blastocyst transferred, 1 frozen, but the other 2 weren't freezing level for day 5-6.

I've read that you are meant to take it easy in regards to exercise, but being a lucky lazy bum, I didn't need to ask them what could or couldn't be done...might be worth a phone call to check?

With a day 5 blastocyst, our clinic advised us to test 12 days after transfer last time, but on paper this time it could be 11 days after because it lands on a Friday..



I too used to be a lazy bum..lol. Then my husband asked me to marry him...that was three years ago nearly so started dieting then found out we had to go through IVF so had to get my bmi down and lost 4 stone through WW. I do want to keep fairly fit without compromising anything & asked about exercise and they said I should leave cycling go til I've done my test.

Might just start walking a bit more to begin with.

How is your journey going?



That's a fab weight loss :-)

All good thank you..collection planned for Wednesday..eek


Hello sjbiddington! Good luck for the 2ww. My clinic didn't mention exercise (and I didn't ask) but I know other people on his site have been told by their clinics to take it easy. It would be worth speaking to them if you would like to exercise. I've literally sat on my bum for 2 weeks. But, not exercising has been hard for me as I like to run when I'm stressed! x

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Hiya, I had one beautiful blastocyst transfered and was told not to sunbath, not lift even the kettle, take it super easy and I did! I've got my BFP on Friday and booked scan for the 7th. As much as I am dying to start pilates and yoga, as zumba is out of the equation, I am sticking to the not lifting anything and just going for short no demanding walks, at least until the scan is done. It's not easy to be like this but it's for a good cause. I also eat lots of watermelon after embryo transfer, it suppose to be very good for us. Good luck and take it easy, very easy ;)


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