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And back to plan B?

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After deciding on Saturday that I would do my polypectomy in Greece rather than on the NHS, I have just received a reply from my clinic stating they can do the operation only on weekdays, not on Saturday, which is what they originally told me. This means I can't do it after all, not until March or April, when I'll be able to get away from work.


With that timeframe, I may as well do it on the NHS and save a little bit of money towards our transfer.

Just feel like everything is conspiring against us :(

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Sorry to hear this. Do you have any idea of the NHS waiting time and whether you could be placed on an "available on a short-notice" list? Not sure if this will help since NHS will do the polypectomy only on weekdays as well, but it may speed up things a little.

I have been told that the NHS waiting time for my tubal clipping was 4 months but, since I was able to show up on a short notice, I managed to have it done in 4 weeks (but the called me Thursday afternoon for the following Friday morning...)

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That is is very frustrating. I’m really sorry to hear that. Could you be put on a cancellation list? I know with work that isn’t always practical. I’ve taken cancellations for surgeries & still had plenty of notice for work. I kept phoning the theatre booking department! My last op I was told it was a 30/40 week wait due to winter pressure; I got my GP to write to the specialist & state the severity of my symptoms & got a date within 2 weeks of the letter. Also PALS I have used to speed an appointment up ( I was told to see my surgeon within a month but gave me a 2 month wait 🤦🏽‍♀️ but PALS resolved it😘)

Sometimes we have to push to get somewhere ( it’s horrible I know)

Good luck xoxo 😘

Oh how frustrating for you! Sorry to hear that, it really does feel like the world is against up sometimes. I would do as the others suggest and get yourself on the cancellation list even if you cant get time off soon after. At least if you get this done you'll be able to recover and get going with treatment as soon as you can!xx

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