B Complex Vitamins and Folic Acid

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good B Complex vitamin, ideally with folic acid (not sure if this is standard!) for someone trying to conceive.

I'm a vegetarian so been told that I should be taking B-50 complex to ensure I am getting enough vitamins. Currently on Seven Seas Trying to Conceive Vitamins but been told (by a fertility acupuncturist) that the levels are probably not high enough in the B vitamins due to being a veggie (not related to the trying for a baby aspect!).

Any recommendations would be appreciated as from a google search, overwhelmed on the options.

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  • Hey, PregnaCare does a conception multi-vitamin. x

  • Hello, Jarrow Formulations B-Right is the best b complex I’ve come across, highly recommended by reputable people and sources and contains all the folate that you need xx

  • Hi orla did you take this with a standard preconception vitamin like pregnacare or just this on its own? I have a short luteal phase so was thinking of upping my b6 intake. Thanks

  • I didn’t take a standard multivitamin, no, although I took a whole selection of supplements that between them covered a multi if that makes sense!

    I don’t know about B6 helping luteal phase, what’s the idea behind that, do you know how it helps? Just because my luteal phase has been ok I didn’t research that.

    You could try vitex/Angus castus. I was with a medical herbalist for a year and she helped me a lot - it might be worth considering xx

  • Thanks orla! The b6 I think is supposed to help with hormonal balance. I'm going to look into herbalist as I need help thickening my lining. How did you find yours? Was it by recommendation or just searching online. There are so many on the high street but I want to make sure I get someone who knows what they are doing.

  • I was recommended my lady, she’s a fully trained medical professional - I think you can practice just with a basic online course, so a lot of people aren’t actually qualified. You could look at my lady’s website and see what professional body she is accredited to, then look up other practitioners that are attached to the same body if that make sense? If you google Jane Riley herbalist Liverpool she will come up. Or maybe she could even do telephone consultation? She treats In liverpool and the lakes and and somewhere else. Angus castus also regulates all hormones and she put that in all of mine x

  • Thanks Orla, I'll take a look at her website x

  • My consultant recommends pregnaCare x

  • I was given advice by a doctor to take high strength folic acid when trying to conceive. You can get this via your GP through prescription. With this you can take a vitamin B supplement (Boots/Supermarket brands) x

  • Have you managed to find a b vitamin supplement without additional folic acid in? I’m searching for this as already on high dose folic acid.

  • From looking into this, I was wondering if folic acid was a b9 vitamin and therefore if I stopped my folic acid and replaced with a multi b vitamin, would this be sufficient. I find it very confusing as so much on the market

  • Yes folic acid is the same as b9. You’d need to check that your multi b vitamin had sufficient folic acid/b9 if you’re ttc. It’s water soluble so you can’t overdose, you’ll just wee any excess out. I was just interested in trying to find a b complex vitamin without b9 in as it seems a waste just to be weeing it out! I take the 5mg prescription only folic acid as I have been identified as high risk of folate deficiency.

  • Ps these are on three for two online at the moment and are quite a cheap one: might be worth a look? vitabiotics.com/ultra/vitam...

  • Yes Bio BPlex without folate and vitamin b12.

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