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Scared of next transfer


Wondering three things... I feel like there is so much riding on this next transfer I’m trying to research a few things that are niggling away in my “gut feeling”. After 3 early fails at 5-6 weeks I’m scared of a repeat.

Has anyone been given a broad spectrum antibiotic before transfer? I’ve read about that in a few places. All our standard ivf pre tests were negative, but you hear about people having undetected bacterial infections once they have menstrual blood tests, and i see some clinics just give you the antibiotics as standard anyway. I’m thinking of asking my consultant but wanted to hear from all of you!

And also, I’ve been paranoid since I was first diagnosed 2 years ago about my low oestrodiol levels (at the very bottom end of the normal range) and have been reading studies about how in a natural FET, low E2 levels after transfer give a lower pregnancy rate and better E2 levels give better pregnancy outcome. My E2 has never been checked after transfer so wondering if low estrogen might be playing a part in my early losses.

Does anyone know anything about the two above things? Thinking of asking for the antibiotic to be prescribed and for estrogen support after transfer since it’s probably my last ever own egg transfer of my last 3 embies!

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Hi Orla, I think the antibiotic thing that you are talking about seems to be quite popular in Greece... baby2016 could perhaps help you out with this as she has just finished her antibiotics. Or seeing as you are still waiting for your TSH to level out is it worth having the actual test done? I was tested for these things but nothing was found so didnt have to do the antiobiotics. I cant help with the E2 levels but I have read similar, might be worth having your clinic monitor your levels and see if you can have this supplemented if necessary?! I have also read that a semi medicated FET (HRT supplemented FET) has slightly higher rates of success (and my clinic agree with this) so perhaps some estrogen introduced into your FET may help.xx

Orla9298 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you so much, all good suggestions! I’m really hoping my TSH levels enough to transfer next cycle, so don’t have time to do the test so I’ll ask him about it. Going to research a semi medicate FET now! Thank you!!xxx

Cinderella5 in reply to Orla9298

Its so hard to know what to do but we're opting for this semi medicated option (no down regulation....yippeee). Think you get to the stage where you will try anything to try to make a difference! See how your clinician feels about it too, he sounds really good!xx

Hi Orla, have a look through my recent posts at the tests I’ve had done. Clinics in this country won’t issue the prescription we had as they are really strong antibiotics that they wouldn’t normally provide here. Not sure if it will work but I’ll know in a couple of months 😬 I’ve suffered 7 losses now from chemicals, early miscarriage, ectopics and missed miscarriages, so was prepared to try any test and at a cost of less than £300 I def thought it was worth it. I got the clinic to combine both my hubbys and my medication on one script so only had to pay £20 from Asda but other private pharmacies quoted me over £100! Xx

I too have use semi medicated natural fet. I don’t respond well to down regging and my lining is much better with just a bit of oestrogen although still thin. I’ll be doing the same for next cycle. I was paranoid about low oestrogen levels on my last pregnancy and the clinic did test my bloods on my request but they were ok. But I was ok oestrogen tablets too xx

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