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First cycle of Ivf...when is it okay to have sex?


Hello this is my first post!

I’m having my embryo transfer on Saturday, (fingers crossed) for my first cycle of icsi.

I’ve just read lots of different views on when you can and can’t have sex during the process, I obviously will go with whatever is safest as wouldn’t want to risk anything (I had a miscarriage in May 2017) but just wondered what others do? Have done in the past?

Thank you x

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My clinic advise no sex until after the pregnancy test. Good luck xx

Italy16 in reply to Penders

Thank you xx

I had transfer yesterday and was told no sex for 3 days. 😊

Italy16 in reply to MrsMcCulloch

Thank you. I keep reading different views on it! Guess to be on the safe side I should just avoid it but also read something that said if you have sex before transfer it helps!?

Hi and welcome

So so sorry to hear of your miscarriage, I can only imagine the hurt.

With regards to sex post transfer, my clinic didn't tell me but I would personally avoid in 2ww.

Wishing you lots of luck for Saturday. Xxx

Italy16 in reply to genten

Thank you and sorry to see how you have struggled. It’s such a difficult journey at times. Xx

genten in reply to Italy16

Thank you I really appreciate it.

It sure is but we'll get there. Xxx

My clinic say not to in the tww and if you get a BFP and have had previous miscarriages to wait until your viability scan. Lots of luck x


So sorry to hear about ur miscarriage but my clinic told me after egg collection i could have had sex but was told to wait until the 2ww after tranfer. Hope tis helped you an best of luck.

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