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Implementation issues?


I am waiting for my mc after my 3rd fresh ivf/icsi cycle. I have 2 frosties thankfully.

Cycle 1 mc at11 weeks. Took normal folic and crinone. No icsi

Cycle 2 bfn bleed before otd. Took aspirin, 5mg folic, steriods, crinone. Had the endomertial scratch. Had icsi

Cycle 3 positive ish test, spotting from implantation onwards failing hcg. Meds same as cycle 2. Had icsi.

What the hell i am doing wrong? It is implantation issues, what can i be tested for and try differently for the fet? I have stage 4 endo and a cyst is back, womb lining was fine when checked last year. I am at my wits end and dont want to have another failed round :-(

Any help, suggestions and tips gratefully received.

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I'm so sorry for your journey so far, it's just crushing.

I don't have any real advice on this as I have had 1 frozen transfer so far (bfn) but have your clinic given you any insight as to what they think? xxx

SEB88 in reply to genten

It is horrible isnt it. I haven't had the follow up yet. It is a set of serious questions i am going to ask x

genten in reply to SEB88

Yep :(

Ok, maybe you could message Diane Arnold for a list of questions to ask at follow up, I did and she kindly emailed them to me. I didn't use them in the end as the consultant had already worked out a new plan for us for our next fresh cycle.

Good luck for follow up, I hope you get some answers. xxx


So sorry for your losses, I had CP. It’s so heartbreaking.

I also have endometriosis. I don’t know my stage but have had 2 more surgeries following my loss. The last surgery was by an endometriosis specialist & a round of clomid I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I followed the anti inflammatory diet strictly, took a low dose aspirin, took bee propolis as it’s very healing, used progesterone cream & took a simple fertility/pregnancy supplement.

I also take prednisone ( raised nk cells) & progesterone pessaries from a positive test for the first 12 weeks.

I’m not sure what else to suggest as it sounds like you are doing everything you can 😢

It is definitely not your fault please don’t blame yourself.

The only thing I can think of is having another laparoscopy to see if endo might be hindering it with an endometriosis specialist. Unfortunately as you probably know it can & does return.

Maybe as you’ve had 2 losses you could be referred to a miscarriage clinic for further testing. My fertility doctor said if we had another loss he would refer us & not make us wait till 3rd loss. xoxo

SEB88 in reply to Hidden

Hi, thank you. We sound very similar i too have endo. I will certainly ask about the mc clinic for a work up. Good luck with your pregnancy

Hey, sorry to hear of your losses. Its so heart breaking having to do this over and over. Sadly I feel this is just one big lottery and some people are lucky and others it can take a good few attempts to get our baby. Ive not had much luck so far ether, we are 3 cycles and a DE cycle down with 6 embryos and not a hint of a positive test. Its so hard sometimes to keep going so no advice on what you can try as it looks like you've tried the lot but all I can say is try to keep your chin up and keep going if you just never know when your luck will come in!xx

Hi Seb88, I'm so sorry to hear of your losses! Infertility and IVF is a horrendous journey :(

It sounds like you're doing everything right so don't blame yourself or wonder what if! Like Cinderella said, it's a bit of a lottery.

After our first 2 failed attempts we paid for a "guarantee scheme". We used Access Fertility. We paid £12k for 3 fresh rounds and all FET's and if we didn't have a baby by the end, we would get a full refund.

We said if our last round didn't work we would give up... I honestly think taking the pressure off is what worked for us. I learnt to meditate, took time off work and had acupuncture.

I used to love reading success stories so our journey went like this:

Fresh ICSI cycle, 2 transferred, none frozen - BFN

Fresh ICSI cycle, 1 blast transferred, 1 frozen - BFP, cp mc at 5 weeks


Natural miracle pregnancy after 6 years trying! MMC at 12 weeks

Fresh ICSI cycle, 1 blast transferred, 2 frozen - BFN

FET - BFP! My 6 month old, rainbow son is sleeping upstairs.

I have everything crossed for you and can't wait to hear your success story, which I truly believe will come.... Oh and for my last round I also stopped Googling and using these forums, which I know work for some, but for me it made me obsess! Good luck xxxxx

That is a long road and i am pleased you have your lovely baby. I am with access and its the biggest regret of my whole ivf with how they have treated me, long story, my clinic also arent great and i am regreting choosing them too. 😕

I think leaving groups may be an idea x


Hi SEB88. Well you seem to have had everything covered, so goodness knows why it’s not working. If only we had some magic sticky stuff to keep these embryos in place! I wondered whether you both have had karyotyping/ chromosome blood tests just to check compatibility. Might be worth asking about. Diane

Ohhh, that just made me think of embryo glue! I haven't tried it and not really done much research into it either. But have you tried that? X

SEB88 in reply to Camillage

Thank everyone. I havent tried glue, i think that and intralipids next time. After a trip to a mc clinic for some tests.

What do ppl think about clots in the womb amd needing an anti coagulant?

I was also not very well over the time of impantation, could that have had an effect?


DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Camillage

Hi. Clexane (heparin) an anti coagulant and low dose aspirin are often tried following repeated miscarriages to hopefully prevent clotting in the womb lining, especially if clotting factors are found in blood tests. Embryo glue is something that has achieved good results but not all specialists recommend it. Something to ask about. Diane

We just had embryo glue given for our FET. They said it does improve chances and does no harm so we thought we wud give it ago. On 2WW so who knows yet. Best wishes x

Obviously I’m just make a rather uneducated guess based on my experience me. Fresh cycles are so tough on the body and maybe a frozen cycle would do you better. My clinic told me I had a better chance of success from a frozen cycle - I wish you the very best of luck xx

SEB88 in reply to drinathan

Thank you i do hear frozen have good success rates. I got to 11 weeks in my first fresh cycle, i know my body can do it sort of.

If you can believe it i never heard back from a dr, by the time one gets to me tomorrow it will have been nearly 48hrs!


Hi SEB88. I forgot to mention the lists of questions I can send you to look through if you want. You’ve probably got one prepared by now, but just in case. My emails are confidential, you would need to email me at

support@ if you want them. Diane xx

SEB88 in reply to DianeArnold

Hi Diane,i think i have them from my first failed cycle but thank you x

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