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No sore beasts on oestrogen and progesterone?


After my transfer, I was told I’d get sore boobs from the medication I’m taking - 2mg progynova 3 times a day and 200mg of uterogestan 3 times a day.

I have been taking them since Monday night and do not feel a thing. My transfer was Thursday, should I be concerned it’s not working?


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I took 2 a day cyclogest pesseries and 3 a day Estrodial and I didn't feel anything until around day 11 of pesseries and even then it was sensitive boobs not painful or anything like that, try not to worry, we all react in different ways.

Good luck with the rest of your 2ww. Xxx

Orla9298 in reply to genten

I’ve never been given estrodiol with my cyclogest, why is it given to some and not others?x

genten in reply to Orla9298

I'm really not sure why. I'm with NHS not sure if that makes a difference. I think they do the same thing? Xx

Orla9298 in reply to genten

My estrogen is always low but no consultant seems even slightly interested... after 3 early losses I’m going to ask about it.

genten in reply to Orla9298

Yes, definitely ask about it. Sometimes we need to give a gentle push in the right direction. Xx

kumkums in reply to Orla9298

Just want to pop in and say progynova is estradiol, so that's covering oestrogen for you.

Also just to reassure you, you might not feel any different using the medicines. I have used them (progynova and cyclogest) three times and I don't feel anything not even headache.

Orla9298 in reply to kumkums

I’ve never had progynova, is that only when doing a medicated FET?

Yes. You don’t get given it on a natural fet.

I wonder why I have it, I never had anything before transfer perhaps it’s to build my lining?xx

If I wasn’t given it I’d definitely be asking why too.

Especially if I get a bfp - but I don’t know how this is going to go.

I’m a bit all over the place emotionally.

I don’t have pregnancy symptoms like before on a natural conception.

All I have is cramping which could be the hormones, tiny spots on face also probably the hormones but otherwise absolutely nothing.

It’s 3dp3dt - should I expect more if it’s a success?

Have I failed as I’ve begun, I have no friggin idea.


AJJ123 in reply to AJJ123

I have pcos could be related to that maybe?xx

Progynova provides the oestrogen on a medicated cycle. Cyclogest provides progesterone. On a non-medicated cycle, they work with your normal ovulation and use your natural surges of these hormones to support the pregnancy. However if you have pcos they wouldn’t be able to time a natural cycle accurately enough to do this so a medicated cycle is definitely best for you. I don’t have pcos and my clinic still prefer medicated cycle as they can control timings more.

AJJ123 in reply to genten

Thanks that’s reassuring. I was worried I’m not responding or something xx

genten in reply to AJJ123

Aww no, don't worry, some ladies don't feel anything at all. Xx

Well, I too had those when on my progesterone before the FETs but then I distinctly remember the Dr saying that none of the symptoms is like an absolute must. Having done binge reading on symptoms and signs that come with having conceived. As I never had pregnancy symptoms even when I was able to conceive once in my 2nd round of IVF which went up to 8 weeks.... in the initial stage even though the tests showed positive I was constantly questioning false positives.

Later, I was convinced for a while that I didn't have any symptoms because probably there was already something wrong which is why I have to deal with the loss. That's when I booked a consultation to discuss it out before going for further attempts with IVF.

Here are things I came to know, every person is different and so are the symptoms, it's intensity or the time it'll show up. While the common and obvious symptoms sound like it happens to everyone, it doesn't. The clinic simply informs the patients of the possible manifestations so that they do not panic or feel it's a kind of odd or adverse effect... that's why they told you that you'll have the usual sore boobs and related symptoms. Don't be worried, the medications are still working in preparing your body for the process... just stick to the dose and optimism. Good luck for the FET, hope you hear the baby cry soon!


Personally I won’t be so concerned as all women react differently and have different side effects, no 2 women’s bodies are the same, please bare that in mind.

My IVF is also NHS funded as I have a genetic disorder, I started the Oestrogen tablets and also the patches from the beginning and was on them for 2 weeks. They then told me to come in for a scan to check my lining thickness, it wasn’t quite think enough so had to keep taking the tablets and patches for about an week, at this point they called me in for another scan which confirmed my lining looked a lot better. When I had this scan they advised me to start the progesterone pessaries to prevent the lining from breaking down and having a period.

The oestrogen makes your uterus lining thick in preparation for the embryo transfer and about 3-5 days before the transfer they tell you to start taking the progesterone in order for the lining to maintain it’s thickness and prevent it from breaking down.

Hope this makes sense and helps! Xx

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