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Still Waiting for AF!!!


I normally have a 21-24 day cycle, right now while I'm waiting to start round 4 ivf I'm on day 32!! This is bonkers and frustrating. I can't plan for work and I'd like to just get going with it! I'm trying to forget about it and relax, but that's obviously almost impossible. I'm freelance so had cleared my diary entirely for this week, I'm trying to enjoy the time and get a few done around the house that I've been meaning to do. No doubt added to the situation is my internal counter, trying to estimate when and how long treatment will be, because I've committed myself to a work contract for 2weeks time. I expected to be well done by then. AF has other ideas!!!

Anyone know why periods get delayed, or indeed, any magical tricks to bring it on?!

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Stress? It’s the only thing I can think of. Having said that, when we don’t want af it’s bang on time and when we do want it she’s always late! Hope it makes an appearance soon xx


Hi magda22. So sorry to hear that your AF is playing silly wotsits with you. Fingers crossed it soon starts so you can get your schedule sorted. Diane

Absolutely agree with tugsgirl - stress is what always causes mine to be out of whack and if you’re eager for it to arrive and stressed about work that’s probably it. Unless of course you could be pregnant? Have you tested?

magda22 in reply to Spangle84

Thanks Spangle, I'm in a same sex relationship, so it won't be the pregnancy option! unless some sort of miraculous conception, of course!! I'll let u know.... ;)

Weird thing is, I don't feel stressed, I'm kinda excited to get going. Have been way more stressed on other occasions when it makes zero difference. Bodies are crazy, eh? Maybe I am internalising the thought of my period coming, and that's blocking it. Who knows. I'm trying to forget about it. Ha!

Spangle84 in reply to magda22

Miraculous indeed! Haha. Well, I’ve been 10 days late for absolutely no reason before - just bodies playing up. Fingers crossed it comes soon so you can get on! Good luck with the treatment :)

Hang around with some ladies who already have AF??! I know I always tend to sync with work colleagues 😂 I hope Mother Nature sorts it out soon for you x

magda22 in reply to Lamorna80

Yea maybe I'll do a call out to my friends!

I swear whenever I actually want AF to come it's always late. Hope it starts soon x

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