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I'm trying to decide what I should do after my transfer, I can't decide if I should go back to work or not afterwards... I work in a shop so I am on my feet 7.5 hrs a day but it is what I usually do... I've got some holiday to take so I can take the time off... Worrying that if I don't and it fails I'll feel I could have done more but at the same time if it fails and I take the time off I then won't have more time to take when it comes another go if we get good eggs for freezing this stuff is soooooo hard.. Anyway anyones else's opinions will be appreciated! Thank you x

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  • Do what you think gives you the best chance of no regrets. My RE dose bedrest day of transfer and then light activity (no exercise, shopping, etc.) for two more days.

  • I agree that you should do whatever you feel is best but from my past experiences I had 3 miscarriages which I think were partly due to stopping my normal routine, I used to work in a bar so was on my feet for long hours and as soon as I found out I was pregnant I took time off and in that time I would miscarry! I'm having my ET today and am hoping to carry on as normal just taking it a bit easier. Hope this helps good luck x

  • I took the time off to chill and relax x good luck x

  • My transfer will be soon and I'm taking two weeks off. I'm a school teacher and a bit of a stress head so u know I need to take time away and chill to give it my best shot. No regrets. I'm able to take two weeks off with no affect on my other holidays... Have you spoken to work about what your entitled to? Honestly, i would take the time off this time and IF you have to go through this process again then cross that bridge when u get to it... xxxx

  • i did what i could to ensure no regrets. i generally took some leave,but not the whole 2ww, as then i hd some leave for doing whatever later. eventually this worked for us. good luck

  • Hi. It is a tough decision! I went back into work the next day and just took these easy, no heavy lifting etc. I was told by my fertility team that it wouldn't make a difference to the chance of success if I went to work or stayed in bed. They were obviously right as our little one is due in 10 weeks!

    Speak to your employer and see what you can work out. I found it also made that 2 week wait a little more bearable.

    Good luckm

  • Hi I had the day day after transfer off to relax and went back to work the next day.. im a support worker and my manager has put me on light duties... I suppose its up to you really.. but id prefer to keep things normal but at a slower pace.. good luck by the way x

  • I think it depends on whether or not u work in a supportive environment. Those two weeks go so slowly and when I was working I felt so emotionally vulnerable having to keep up appearances. On the other hand, if your colleagues are good, supportive people, then having something to do will be beneficial to u psychologically. From a physical point of view, as long as you're not jumping about and picking up enormously heavy weights, you won't be doing any harm to the embryo. I personally would focus more on what's going to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable emotionally. And try not to be hard on yourself by looking ahead to the what if/next time scenario. You'll cross that bridge if it happens. Lots of love and best of luck, xx

  • Yeah as everyone has said it is up to. For me I was back to work. Unless you have been advised by your Dr to take to bed rest or taking it really easy due to a physical health problem then can't see the harm with returning to work. Unless you do a physically demanding job of course. Most women carry on as normal without realising they are pregnant and on go on to have healthy babies. Also working will take your mind of the 2WW.

  • I agree-whatever leaves you feeling you have given it your best shot. I found I was very poorly after fresh cycle retrieval so couldn't have returned to work. Also depends on what you do and if you can have some control over what you do in the day and how stressed out you get!

  • Hi dear, I agree with the other members. Do your normal work so your mind won't focus on the 2ww but try to avoid lifting heavy stuffs, no alcohol and feed well. You will be fine.luck

  • Thank you all so much for your responses still not sure what to do to be honest but good to have some insights. Good luck to us all!

  • Go to your GP and get a sick note - I did that and it was no issue to be signed off for 2 weeks, hence I am not using up any of my holiday.

  • Hmm interesting maccer... I wasn't sure I could be signed off sick for it. Thanks I'll look into that!

    What did you get signed off sick with?

  • Hi I hade my transfer on Friday and have taken two weeks off to relax and not stress about work. Hope this works for me. Do whatever makes life easy for you Hun. Good luck. :)

  • I think you should do what your heart tells you...but they do say that there's no reason you can't go back to work after your transfer. Could you ask your boss for light duties - if your employer is not aware what you are going through you could say that you are having a small procedure?

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