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Update on Matthew and Thomas


Hi All,

The boys are now 24 days old and are still in NICU.

Thomas is doing amazingly well and they are talking about starting to plan discharge from hospital.

Matthew has had a set back over the past week. He went from breathing in just air since day 2 of birth to needed oxygen again and ended up having a blood transfusion two days ago. He also was giving antibiotics last week. They're not yet sure what is up with him but he's not 100% well. It's going to be quite some time before he is well and strong enough to be discharged.

Sending positive vibes to everyone xxx

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Thinking about them. Strong boys!! Xx

So lovely of you to update us.

So pleased that Thomas is doing great and that plans are coming together for him to be home with you where he belongs, I hope and pray that little Matthew gets to come home soon as well, sounds like he's a tough little boy.


Sending hugs and love hope Matthew is better soon so him and Thomas can be home together, premie baby’s are real fighters my 7 week premie is 6 months now xx

Kathy_t in reply to Leesalou

Ah that's good to know about yours! Are they doing well? X

Oh Kathy, this is such a hard time for you and what a roller coaster. I hope all goes well and he starts to recover soon xxx

Well done for doing an update. Such a hard time for you, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel as we can see from Mathew's progress. Let's pray and hope that Thomas recovers fully well and get to go home soon too.

Lovely to hear your updates about the boys! Such little fighters you have there!!xx


Sending love to you all 💙💙

Glad to hear Thomas is doing well. Sending best wishes for Matthew xx

Thinking about you all sending love to you all xx


Hi Kathy_t. Sorry to hear of Matthew's setback. Hopefully, this is just temporary and he will soon be able to join his brother once he is released home. From my experience in NICU there were some scary times, but it was amazing how these little people rally round and catch up. Sending gentle hugs to both boys and bigger ones to Mom and Dad. Diane xx

ahhh, lovely 😊, maybe little Thomas can come home with you soon? Meanwhile sending lots of positive vibes to you and to Mathew, I’m sure you will get through this & he’ll find his strength xx

Sending you lots of hugs x

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