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Thomas is at home!


Some good news here, Thomas was discharged the week before last and has been settling in well at home. Matthew is still in hospital and now weighs 2lb 13oz. He's been quite up and down and has had two blood transfusions, a few rounds of antibiotics etc etc. We don't yet have a discharge plan for him yet and are very much focussed on him getting stable first. They joined each other in Matthew's cot for a few mins in hospital yesterday! 💙

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Wishing you all the best! ❤️

Oh my goodness what a picture. Beautiful boys. Keep fighting boys xx


This is just the cutest picture ever, totally adorable💙. I really hope that Matthew gets stronger over the coming weeks & is home with you before too long. Xx

They have the same ears bless them x

Kathy_t in reply to Emmyeve

They do! We are actually going to get some earbuddies fitted for Thomas to make them less pixie as we think he will totally hate them when he's older! X

Emmyeve in reply to Kathy_t

Never heard of them, I’m guessing they change the shape? My nephew has ears just like that & it doesn’t seem to bother him but maybe when he’s older it might.

Kathy_t in reply to Emmyeve

Yeah just little splints that are attached with tape for a few weeks - painless for the baby as it moulds their ears while the cartilage is still really soft x

Awww Katy delighted for you that Thomas is home! I hope Matthew continues to do well, he's such a little precious button! Gorgeous boys you have there!!xx

Sending you very best wishes for your beautiful wee boys. Hoping they both continue to grow in strength in the coming days and weeks xxx

Aww congratulations. What an adorable pic 😘🤗💙 Hope they have a long healthy happy fun life. Well done you! All the hard work has paid off. Hope you are doing well. It cant have been easy. Matthew will be home before you know it and Thomas is rooting for him xxx


Hi Kathy_t. Fabulous news! You’re halfway there, if you get what I mean. Come on Matthew we need you to complete the perfect duo. Love to you all and hoping Matthew continues to get stronger and be at home where he belongs. Diane xx

Aww this is just lovely! They are gorgeous.

I'm glad Thomas is settling in at home and I hope Matthew can join him very soon. xx

This is great news. Gorgeous boys xx

Congrats on having Thomas at home, it's a Great step forward. Praying Mathew joins him soon.

That’s a lovely pic. Bless them both 💕

Congrats and well done.

Kathy sending you a lot of love and strength! What a lovely couple. I really hope you can all go home soon xx

How lovely to see them together, so cute! Wonderful that Thomas is home I hope it won't be too long before Matthew will join him. Xx

Cute and thanks for the update...

Them being together will be a boost too!!


They are both doing so well. Well done! 💙💙

Absolutely beautiful, hope they reunite at home really soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sending lots of love and well wishes to you all ❤️ xx

Beautiful picture xxx💙💙

Beautiful Post, Beautiful Boys 💙


Awwww this is lovely! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Xxxx

How are you doing? Wao. Congratulations. Thomas is so cute and adorable. I am glad to know that. My best wishes are with you. Love and hugs to you and your baby. Stay blessed and keep sharing more.

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