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Update Protacol Apt

Hi all, so today me and the wife went for our protocol treatment appointment. All went well. We wer given a schedule of potentially doing EC next month. We went through various medication and injections. The great ofcwhich is a tablet the wife will be starting next week for 14 days, at which point we have booked a scan in to see how well her lining is, If all is well, we could start the injections. During this time she will be going in a every now and then to check she's not getting over stimulated. Once the hurdle Passes after two weeks, we could potentionally do EC on 23rd of November.

So all In all a long time coming but we seemed to be closer.. hope those who are already in treatment, it's going well. Just wondering did any if your husbands give a "back up" sample just incase they wer to struggle giving one on the day of EC, (as It could happen)

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This wasn't even discussed with us, though I seem to remember we did have to think about what we would do if there was a problem with his sample, I think they said they would freeze my eggs if necessary. But in the event he did his sample before I went in for the egg collection, and they checked it before they took me in. If you did a 'back up', would they freeze that?

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Yes they would.... as it would be fine a few weeks before EC, this she's not utter the process in anyway, and does not effect the outcome at all.



My partner had a sperm sample frozen but I think this was because he has a low sperm count and they were worried it would be worse by the time I had treatment. I'm not sure what they would do if sperm isn't an issue? Possibly freeze like Lizzie says and then do a FET.

Lots of luck with your treatment xxx


Hi sanj76. Back up samples are only usually requested if there could be a potential problem with providing a sample on the day of egg collection. Hope all goes well for you both. Diane


Thank you kindly Diane. I just wanted to know if this would cause any issues, I've been told that it wouldn't as they would prepare it prior to the procedure. Ideally I want to give a fresh sample but Just incase, I want assurense I guess that it wouldn't make a difference.


Hi sanj76. I would just make sure that should there be a problem with the sperm the cycle could be upgraded to ICSI to ensure that sperm is definitely getting into the egg to fertilise it. With basic IVF, sperm need to be great in number, good shape and swim well, so if there is any doubt, they usually tell you that ICSI may be required. Hopefully, all will be straightforward. Diane


We've been told that ICSI is what will be what they will be using as morphology is 1%. Everything else is "normal", So all should be ok. Thanks you Diane


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