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Got a negative test. Is it all over? Think I’ve got a sickness bug too 🤢 So frustrating that we’ve had to wait 3 years for my husbands microtese, had to undergo egg collection to freeze eggs before hand and then another cycle to get me prepped for husbands surgery date, to get a bfn and have absolutely no eggs left!!! I’ve been on buserelin for 10 weeks with a 2 week break in the middle which has killed me. Really don’t want to take any more progesterone pesseries until official test day on Friday 😢 Can’t face starting iui with a sperm donor. Any tips how to pick yourself back up will be very gratefully appreciated!! Sorry for the rant, having a down day!!!

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I am sorry to read you are feeling like this. But there are still 2 days until your official test date therefore I would definitely continue with your pessaries until then. It could still change.

Wishing you all the best xx

Cako123 in reply to Camillage

I know, I’ve just had a faint positive and they’ve gone back to negatives so just can’t help but feel I’ve had a chemical! Thanks for the reply xxx

I am so sorry to hear this.

This is a real frustration.

You still have time before otd and I'm hoping for a good outcome for you. I would mirror what Camillage says for you to continue with pessaries.


Cako123 in reply to genten

Thanks for taking the time to reply. AF arrived this morning. BFN sucks!! Xxx

genten in reply to Cako123

I'm so so sorry and yes it really does :(

I had a bfn last Wednesday so I understand the hurt. This journey is difficult and cruel. xxx

Snuggles144 in reply to Cako123

So sorry to read this. I had everything crossed for you. The whole process is so hard and no one can prepare you for rollercoaster of emotions. Just wanted to send you a big hug xxx


Sorry to hear of your negative test - I think it’s too early & could change. You aren’t out yet. Don’t stop meds until you have tested on OTD. I hope it’s a BFP test day xoxo

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Sorry just seen your update so sorry xoxo

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