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After 1 year of struggles... first FET may be coming (with cautious optimism)

Dear all,

so, after about 1 year of struggling with thin lining, polyp, etc. and trying to thicken the lining with both hormones and naturally in preparation for FET, I have now reached 7,4 mm with nice triple line and will start taking progesterone tomorrow, with the idea of travelling to Czechia on Wednesday for a Thursday transfer. Apparently the lining looks overall very nice, although not overly thick.

But it seems things are destined to never be THAT easy. The scan today showed a 2 x 1.4 x 2 cm big blog on the left ovary, which the sonographer said it's a cyst, but could well be an ovulatory follicle, my Doc said it's hard to say (another Doc says it's clearly a follicle, which I am inclined to believe). So I had a blood test today for LH and progesterone, the results will come out on Monday evening, and that should clarify the situation.

I am so exhausted from today's cycle of emails and last minute appointment for bloods that I cannot really believe this might happen, plus I do not want to open myself up to another disappointment. And the funny thing is, it feels like a "success" to get finally to my first FET at the age of 44... when it is in fact just the first (bloody) step!! :)

A big hug to all lovely ladies out there who are so supportive and going through so much! xxx

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Well it maybe is a small step but a huge victory, I know the feeling well!!👏 Delight for you for that bit. Sorry to hear about your cyst/follicle. Hopefully it won't hamper your FET!!🤞🤞 Fingers and toes crossed. Why is nothing ever simple!!😡xx

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Nicely put, thanks! I love the red angry face at the end... hehehee. Fingers crossed indeed! xx

Fingers are crossed for you for this transfer! Great news about your lining, it still has plenty of time to thicken up even further too! All the very best to you xxx

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Thanks! Going through 9 pills vaginally a day now... quite a homework! ;-)

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I remember that well!! Seem to have spent a large part of my day in the bathroom!! 😳😬

Hoping to be back on the delightful pessaries next month xxx

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Hi Abaco, do you remember how you did it with estrogen + progesterone pills? It's quite tricky to take them both vaginally, as I have to take them all in the morning, noon and evening, and the Utrogestan pessaries drip (sorry TMI) more, and are bigger. I do not want them to drain away the estrogen. Hm. So this morning I took the estrogen first, waited 30 mins, then took Utrogestan. My clinic usually recommends Estrofem orally, and Utrogestan vaginally, but they told me it's ok to use Estrofem vaginally too, so I did it that way, and want to stick to it obviously as things are going ok. I don't want to mess things up... (it's already a mess down there ahahah :-D sorry too much information again).

Btw I just read about your experience. I really wish you be more lucky this time around!! xxx

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Thank you so much, just waiting for the latest test results which we should get back next week then hoping we can make it to transfer next month.

I can understand your dilemma about the pessaries, had to email our coordinator about this as didn't want to do the wrong thing. I ended up taking the Estrofem pessaries at 6.15am-2.15pm-10.15pm and the lutinus/progesterone pessaries at 6.30am-2.30pm-10.30pm this meant they were all spaced out evenly throughout the day. Totally get what you mean about the messy progesterone pessaries, my husband used to say I'd left 'snail trails' on the bathroom floor!😳😂 sorry way tmi!! I also ( if I was at home) lie down with my legs raised for 30mins afterwards although I don't think this made any difference. All the very best to you, my fingers are crossed for next week, keep me posted on how you get on xx

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Forgot to add, the pessaries get absorbed pretty quickly in your body so don't worry about them conflicting with each other xxx

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Thanks! Very useful!! :-) No worries the snail trail comment made me laugh... I am not sure my hubby is going to be too keen on much "special time" together given the situation btw. Just to make life more fun :-)

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Those pessaries are a definite passion killer!!!😂 But they do the trick so are very much worth it! Happy to help, let me know how you get on xxx

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Thank you, I will. And you too!

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Will do! Xxx

Hoping all goes well and that your transfer goes ahead. It's always good to get moving.

Wishing you lots of luck. Xx

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Thanks so much! xx

Wishing you the best of luck and fingers crossed 🤞 that the transfer goes ahead as planned 💕 xx

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Thank you very much! xx

Hi VannaGio,

I had similar issues; delayed due to polyp removed, lining not particularly thick at 7.9. I Was 43 years young😀 I also had my transfer in Czech Rep AND it all worked out in the end!! I have a beautiful little girl 😀

Will have everything crossed for you!

Best wishes


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Aah good to know... Thanks for crossing everything then!! I like the XX-years young, very nice, thank you! :-) xx

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