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Urine infection in early pregnancy.......so scared 😢 can anyone relate please?


Following on from my last post a few days ago where I was feeling poorly. Still feeling much the same hot and cold, shivering, shakes, lower abdomen pain and lower back pain and the odd sensation of having to ‘push’ been so so scared. Rang my docs today who asked me to send a urine sample in tomorrow but I rang back saying I was feeling worse so I went straight down with a sample and saw a doc. He dipped checked and yes I have a urine infection, he is sending it off hospital to see what type of infection it is and make sure he has given my the correct antibiotics to match the infection.

I asked about the pregnancy, he was very matter of fact and basically said if I am going to miscarry I will he cant reassure me that I wont. The antibiotics he has given me he said the leaflet says “not safe in pregnancy” he said it really means tail end of pregnancy not early but said we need to treat this infection regardless as if its untreated it won’t be good! Catch 22 situation and I feel like absolute crap now 😢 I’ve been feeling like this for 3/4 days so in my head the damage is done and there is no way back from this.

Anyone else had a UTI this early on and been ok? I desperately need some reassurance. Luckily I have another early scan booked for Monday so I can see if babas ok then but I am going out of my mind with worry now about this infection and the antibiotics xx

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I've never been pregnant before hun so I can't really advise, but I can tell you I have had a few UTis in my life I'm prone to them...one time I fell so ill within hours was rushed to hospital and put on a drip, turned out my UTI was so bad it had spread to my kidneys which is not good. But once on the drip of anti biotics for an hour or 2 I came right. I'm not trying to scare you, but leaving it untreated can be really bad. I hope everything will be ok with baby I'm sure it will and I hope you feel better soon xxx

Devj in reply to Niki_B

Thanks for your reply. I have taken my first dose of antibiotics and will continue with them. The leaflet does say not suitable in ‘late’ pregnancy so that was enough for me to know they’re safe!

I cant wait to get the next dose down me tomorrow now so I can start shifting it properly.

So worried about little baba. Roll on Monday for my second early scan, need to know everything’s ok with having had this for 3/4 days now without me realising xxx

Feel so sorry for you having to go through this. I wish your doctor was more supportive. Hope you feel better soon and the hospital get back to you soon xxxx

Devj in reply to MrsH007

Thank you 😘 me too xxx

This happened to my sister, and was the reason she found out at the hospital she was pregnant from when they were doing all the ‘dip’ tests!

She was given antibiotics and all was fine with her pregnancy and my now nephew! Water infections can turn very serious if not treated. Have you spoken with the midwife? Xx

Devj in reply to baby2016

Oh really, that’s filled me with reassurance! Thank you so much.

Not spoke to midwife, just two GPs. One on the phone - twice and then saw a different one. I’m in limbo at the min as been signed off by fertility clinic as all fine with my early scan but haven’t had my booking in appt with midwife yet so in total limbo!

I’ll follow GPs advice and take these antibiotics and paracetamol until scan Monday and speak to them then.

Thanks again xxx

I’m a midwife and numerous women get UTIs (urine infections) as the physiological changes in pregnancy make you more susceptible to them. I commonly see women with UTIs that once treated have no further problems. The important thing is it’s being treated. So make sure you finish your full course of antibiotics, rest and hydrate. If you still have symptoms at the end of the course go straight back to GP or discuss with your midwife. We prescribe antibiotics for all different reasons in pregnancy please try not to worry you’re doing all the right things x x x

Devj in reply to Beechnut1

Thank you so much for your reply, you’ve reassured me no end! Thank you, thank you!

I will most definitely finish the course. I took one tonight as I got back from docs about 6 so wil take another with breakfast then another later and so on for the week.

I just went into panic mode, the doctor wasn’t very reassuring which didn’t help!

Your reply is most appreciated - thanks again xx

Beechnut1 in reply to Devj

No worries. How many weeks are you? As soon as you’ve booked with a midwife you can go straight to them with worries, questions and concerns. Hopefully then you’ll get a bit more empathy! Best of luck with everything, now go and get some rest! X.

Devj in reply to Beechnut1

I’m 9 weeks tomorrow. Booking in with midwife a week on Monday so will just over 10 weeks then.

Thanks again 😊 yes I am looking forward to speaking with the midwife and them being a little more sympathetic! xxx

Hey Devj. I haven’t been on here for a few weeks and am sorry that I have missed your posts. I hope that you are feeling much brighter now and that the infection has passed. Sending you and baby lots of love and get well vibes xxx

Devj in reply to LR16

Thank you! Infection has passed, went for booking in with midwife who said the antibiotics I was prescribed shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women.....too late as I had finished the course! So after a stressful couple of days I went for an emergency scan and all was fine luckily. So stressful at times this journey. Hope you’re keeping well xxx

I had one in my last pregnancy about 8 weeks in - I conceived naturally and had a healthy baby. It’s very common, sometimes even a symptom of pregnancy. Drink lots of water and take it easy. The tablets will work in a day or so.


Devj in reply to AJJ123

Thank you! All clear now thankfully xx

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