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Anyone willing to share their experience with IVF clinics in Greece?



we are trying to keep all our options open, therefore, while waiting for an answer from the NHS, we were thinking of exploring the possibilities offered by sunnier (and cheaper :P) Greece. For logistic reasons, Thessaloniki would be our first choice.

If you have any experience, recommendation, tip, trick, whatever, I would be very grateful if you could answer me here or via private message (according to the site's policies!)

Sending love and thanking you in advance!

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Hi Hun, I had IVF in Athens in March & am currently 27 weeks pregnant after our first cycle. I appreciate I'm one of the very lucky ones, let me know if you want the details & I will message you. X

MofM in reply to Hidden

Congratulations! If you don't mind sending me details of the clinic via PM... thanks!

CLN1986 in reply to Hidden

Hi. Could I get details as well please xx

I will PM you x

Hello I had treatment in Thessaloniki was amazing from start to finish and currently have my 8 week old son asleep on me 😁

CLN1986 in reply to Dreamer0204

Congratulations! Would you mind sending me the details as well. Thanks x

Currently undergoing treatment in Thessaloniki. Will PM you with details.

We are going to go with NewLife (Dr Dovas) for our next round. We just went to visit the clinic and they spent four hours with us. It was incredible. I would strongly suggest you visit them. Our second choice was Embryolab.

Dr. Dovas was incredibly thorough and isn't out to sell empty promises - he wants to put your health first and give you the best possible chance by being detail oriented while being very caring and understanding. His clinic was amazing, everyone speaks English and both he and the senior embryologist worked in the UK.

We also considered Serum but they were our third choice for a few reasons.

If you'd like more information on our visit, please drop me a line, happy to help.

I second this and already sent MofM a PM about this clinic 💜


Thessaloniki clinic dr dovas is great as is Chrysa u can’t go wrong x

ttcrainbowbabypatel in reply to Hidden

Agreed, love Dr. Dovas and Chrysa. So refreshing to talk to people who really hear you out with the utmost patience, professionalism and clarity.

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