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IVF clinics in London specialising in Endometriosis?



I’ve just had my follow up consultation at my IVF clinic after my failed first cycle. The doctor is lovely but her answer for everything was “it’s your endometriosis”. Egg quality, difficult transfer, future chances etc. She suggested we switch from a long protocol to an antagonist one but also said if the embryo quality is still poor, this is likely to do with my endometriosis, and is indicative of future cycle results. She said there’s nothing I can do to improve the quality. I guess I’d like to speak to a fertility doctor who has an interest/expertise in endometriosis. Is there anyone that could be recommended? Thanks!

Update: just seen that my BSE endo specialist is a Dr at CRGH... anyone used them for endo? Thanks!

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Hi, my friend is an obstetrician specialising in difficult pregnancy and has worked in various hospitals in the South East. When my sister (who had really terrible endo) was going through IVF and had to keep having ops she recommended there was a female doctor at John Radcliffe who was 'the best in the country' with endo. I think she was a gynaecologist rather than a fertility doctor but maybe she could help? I will try and google her and remember her name x PS my sister ended up having to have ops between each IVF cycle as her endo was so bad, and a number of cycles but is currently trying to get her 12 week old son to sleep - it can happen so good luck! xx

Thanks Daisy! I’ve seen an endo specialist who advised I shouldn’t have surgery as it would reduce my healthy ovarian tissue. My dr didn’t seem keen on supplements etc and it was pretty much a “let’s see how we get on but don’t hold much hope” approach. And the no-hope is an attitude I’ve been avoiding. :/

Definitely avoid the no hope attitude as I dont believe in it.

My sister saw a specialist in Surrey who worked in conjunction with Guys and St Thomas if that any help.

Wishing you heaps of luck! You can do it! x

tiger-cub in reply to Daisy1245

Hi daisy can u plz pm me d details of d endo specialist

Will really appreciate x

I have the same issue, 2 previous cycles with long. Good response but only 1 from each cycle made it to blastocyst. Both cycles ended in MC. New clinic who recommended DHEA for 4 months prior to egg collection. 9 eggs and 5 made it to day 5, transferred 2 and I now have 3 frozen. Didn't get a BFP however the DHEA did the trick. Egg quality can be improved on xx

Bluetop1981 in reply to WeeJacs

Thanks - those are the words I need to hear.

My first cycle I had 8/9 fertilised (🎉) and by Day 3 they were all average or poor grades (🙁). One made it to blast but wasn’t suitable to be frozen so was discarded.

I’ve read so many conflicting things on DHEA. I had my levels tested last year and I’m in the normal range so don’t think I should use it. I’ve been on a high protein diet since October with fish oil, vit D and folic acid. My diet fell apart in Dec when I had OHSS and ended up being unable to eat much. Plus - XMAS FOOD.

I’ve added in Royal Jelly, bee propolis and CoQ10 in the last week - which probably isn’t long enough if I start on my next cycle :/

WeeJacs in reply to Bluetop1981

What is your AMH? When u was 1st tested it was 13.9 after surgery for endometriosis when retested 3 years later it was 6.9 x

Bluetop1981 in reply to WeeJacs

My AMH is 11.9. My BSE endo specialist recommended that due to my age (36 when I saw him last year) I didn’t have surgery and therefore avoid losing any healthy ovarian tissue, and advised I headed straight to IVF.

My DHEA level was 6.8 and the top end of the level is 7.something

WeeJacs in reply to Bluetop1981

I would discuss it with your consultant as that is the lower end of the scale for AMH same as me so that's why they recommended it x

Bluetop1981 in reply to WeeJacs

My dr just said “no, there’s no proven benefit. Don’t take it. It’s your endometriosis that’s causing the issue” 😕 Not sure who else to ask about DHEA then?

WeeJacs in reply to Bluetop1981

I suppose they all have a different approach. It defo worked for us even tho we didn't get a BFP this time we had 7 out of 9 make it to 5 day, never had that before. They also used the short protocol this time due to my reduced AMH xx

Hi. I was under St Barts for my IVF. I have endometriosis, stage 4, just on my left side. They recommended I leave surgery for now (as it doesn’t affect my life or give me too much pain) and concentrate on a cycle of ivf. So glad we did as we got a positive result. We got 7 eggs (only the right ovary was accessible) 3 fertilised, we had 2 implanted back in, the last one didn’t make it to the freezer.

And one egg has taken, I’m just over 11 weeks now so still early days.

I would highly recommend ivf treatment at St Barts, London. x

Bluetop1981 in reply to CLN1986

Thanks - I’ll take a look, any specific Dr?

Also, what was the IVF protocol they used?

CLN1986 in reply to Bluetop1981

No specific. Was quite happy with every nurse / doctor we see.

I got put on to the long protocol. x

Hi, I work for a consultant at the Portland Hospital who specialises in Infertility. Our success rates are brilliant at the moment.. Her name is Miss Sara J Matthews.. She uses DHEA for patients with poor egg quality and has helped patients with Endometriosis get pregnant..

Any questions let me know! Wish you loads of luck with whoever you choose xx

Bluetop1981 in reply to lucylou3

Thanks! I heard that DHEA isn’t advisable for endo patients and it could be counterproductive to use it if my levels are fine anyway. So much confusing information out there and my fertility doctor doesn’t seem to even mention it! Do you know if Miss Matthews would suggest DHEA even if the patient is like me - severe endo and a 6.8 DHEA result? Thanks!

I missed the bit about your levels.. Dhe wouldn’t prescribe it is your level was OK as it has side effects if you do not need it.. sorry! Depending on when your levels were last checked she might repeat them.. xx

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