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2nd Cycle Suprecur nasal spray then Menopur

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Hi everyone, havnt posted for a while as we delayed starting our second cycle of IVF a bit longer.. started on long protocol this time round, first few weeks on Suprecur - anyone else suffer from really bad headaches and ache?! I look like a pizza!!

Starting my Menopur injections today also.. any one had any nasty side effects with this one? (Previously on bemfola and cetrotide) thanks! Xxx

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I've never had Suprecur so I can't comment but I did have Menopur and thankfully I did well. I had a headache on day 1 then bloating from day 8 or 9 but other than that nothing. I was on short protocol.

Best of luck . xx

I was on long protocol for all my cycles with Suprecur and Menopur. I also had terrible headaches and felt really tried and down but as soon as I started the Menopur I felt loads better and had no other side effects 🤞 this happens for you xx

I had them both on my first cycle - long protocol. Don't recall much about headaches but really struggled with mood swings - these started when on just the suprecur. They were not pleasant :-(

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Hi SMoon84. Sorry to hear you're suffering so. It's because it is working on your pituitary gland in your brain - hence headaches. If it becomes unbearable, you must tell your clinic. Hope it settles and the rest of your cycle goes more smoothly. Thinking of you. Diane

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