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Hello Ladies, I started the down regulation nasal spray a few days ago and am due to start AF tomorrow, I usually get a bit of spotting a day before and sweet cravings when I'm due but I've had zero symptoms... Can any of you share your down regulation symptoms / timeline for AF please? I'm generally like clock work so feeling a bit anxious! Thanks

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  • Hi _Rose_. Remember your hormones are now being manipulated, so there could be a delay. Try not to worry, it will arrive when it's ready. I'm sure the other ladies on here will tell you of their "illusive" periods. Good luck with it all! Diane

  • Hi. I'm on Burselin at the mo. I was late for AF for both cycles. I'm usually around a 26/27 day cycle and for my first IVF, I was 31 days and for this one I had a 29 day cycle so I would say expect to be late. I also had zero AF symptoms. When it came it was heavy and very bright red straight away. It's also quite painful. Last time I had terrible headaches but they came a bit later on. I've not had any yet this time round. I need the loo more frequently too. I've got to change my first scan appointment as it's for Weds and af only came yesterday so be prepared to have to adjust appointments around your body not doing what you would expect. I would also really recommend trying to eat as healthily as possible to help with symptoms. Good luck. xxx

  • Thanks for sharing Mrs C that's comforting to know xxx

  • I was on the nasal spray and I actually didn't bleed during it, and all was fine with my lining etc. at the scan.

  • Hi

    I apologise if this question sounds stupid but is the nasal spray used instead of injections to manipulate hormones?

  • Hi, yes an alternative to the injections, apparently there is a shortage in the UK of the bureserlin injection hence I'm on the Nasal spray. The purpose of This spray is to put you in a menapausal state Hope this makes sense and silly q's on this forum... Am on a huge learning curve X

  • Hey don't panic af will come, I'm like clockwork to and mine came 2 days late and didn't get symptoms as bad as I usually do when I was down regulating, just bled for a few days longer than normal xx

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