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Medicated FET treatment - bleeding


Hey everyone, hope you're all good.

After three weeks down regulating (starting on cycle day 3) I was over the moon to find out my lining had shrunk to under 4mm without a bleed, apparently my body reabsorbed the lining?! I started my progynova on Friday but yesterday and today I've been having heavy bleeding, is this normal? I'm hoping it's due to the DR and also changing of hormones?

It's nuts, I've spent three weeks upset that I haven't bled and now I'm stressing because I am! Xx

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You couldn’t make it up could you? When we want a bleed we don’t get one and then when we don’t we get one! Hopefully it won’t make any difference xx

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I know, I'm really trying not to stress as at least I'm bleeding at the beginning of the lining build up. I was crying before my scan in front of the consultant on Friday only to be told my lining was nice and thin, ha! I'm blaming the drugs xxx


I was down regulating for a week and a half then had a bleed, it stopped a few days later. I then had my scan to check the lining, which was thin so I was allowed to start my stimulation meds. A day later I had another bleed! The nurse said it was quite common to bleed on and off during DR and beginning of stimulation.

Hope that helps xx

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Thank you so much, it really has helped. It's just nice to know it's happened to someone other than me! Xxx

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No problem 😀That’s why this forum is a god send sometimes as you can get reassurance from others!!

Hope your cycle goes well! 😘

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You too 😘😘

I'm sorry I have no experience of it but hopefully your clinic can help. Goodluck with your treatment x

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