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Periods on buserelin


Hi everyone I’ve just started my first cycle of IVF, we’re doing the long protocol and started buserelin injections 10 days ago. I can’t sleep, I’ve got dry itchy skin and sore boobs, so far so fun 😬

I’m just starting to get my usual pre-menstrual cramps and now I’m wondering will I get a period while I’m on this stuff? I have pretty bad periods normally due to endo so I was hoping there’d at least be less pain!

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Hi, it is normal to get a bleed while on this down reg stage. And also a good sign the drugs are working. Good luck x

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Thank you :)

Hi, I’m also on a long protocol and on day 9 of buserelin. My period came on day 7 of doing the injections and as Gemmy said it’s normal to have a bleed while down regulating. I hope it isn’t too painful for you xxx

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Ah cool thank you, we’re almost in synch then! Was your period due on day 7 anyway? If you don’t mind me asking

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Course I don’t mind you asking, it was due on day 6, so a day late but had all the usual signs on that day!! It’s nice to know someone else in the same position as me!! Keep me updated!! Xx

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Sorry to jump in - I was due on day 6 but it came on day 8 and was really heavy thought it was coming to an end and started ‘again’ almost today! Bright red and accompanying tummy ache and now a bit worried.

Yes you’ll get a bleed on buserelin and it may be a little late and a little heavier than usual. Buserelin helps to clear out your lining so that when you start the stimulation drugs you’re building up your lining from scratch, as it were. Your clinic should scan you once you’ve had a bleed to check you are all “shut down” as my clinic call it, ie your ovaries are quiet so they can use the stim drugs to take over.

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Thank you for that, probably the best explanation I’ve seen of what the buserelin is for! I have to have a blood test in a week and a scan after that I think

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