Does this delay your period? I’m on day 27 of my cycle (8 days on buserelin) although I know not entirely abnormal to be late I’m usually 25 or 26 days and never late!

Also PMS has been around what feels like more than a week and I can’t feel any slight cramping which I always get just before so it might be a few days more!!

The nurse didn’t mention that period could be delayed. So not sure what’s normal!

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  • Mine was delayed on both cycles whilst taking buserelin. X

  • Hi Katrina, are they OK to do a scan if you're on? I have a day 0 scan appointment next Wed and it grosses me out to think they do a scan while I'm bleeding 😣!! But I think they will won't they?

  • I am sure they still scan whilst having a bleed. I don't like the thought of it either but am sure they do it all the time. I have never had it myself x

  • Yes they do still scan if you’re bleeding but at my clinic they scan seven days after start of bleed so you’re pretty much done bleeding then. On buserelin I’ve had random spotting as well which dyes by usually happen.

  • I'm due today and usually mine is bang on time but no sign yet. I've heard it might delay it slightly so I'm hoping mine comes soon. I think you would just carry on taking buserilin until your period arrives, I think it's quite cheap to buy some more. Last time when I was doing NHS icsi they gave me a course of tablets to bring on my period but this time they didn't. Not sure why.... xx

  • My clinic just advised as long as my bleed had started the day before stimms is due to start then I wasn't to panic. I was never given any tablets x

  • Thanks all, I’m on a frozen cycle so not stimming this time. Just need my period to start so I can start building my lining for transfer.

    Will wait and see when it decides to turn up. Does feel like it wants too but nothing yet!

  • Mine was delayed both times on buserelin, but then heavier

  • Thank you Lizzie, How long was yours delayed for, do you remember?

  • Last cycle I got my bleed on day 30 but I usually have a 27/28 day cycle, so a couple of days at least.

  • Thank you.

  • Started today, so all good. At least 3/4 days late... but at least it arrived

  • Glad to hear it. On with the next stage x

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