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Endo scratch is it worth it?


Hi everyone been a few months since being on here. We are due to start second round of ivf and i was advised to consider the endo scratch. Anyone had it done and what are all your views about it? Husband and i have agreed that I should have it done. Anything to help our chances of making it all happen. Look forward to hearing from you all x

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I think it is. Not because it’s given me a hundred percent track record of bfps, it hasn’t (though 2 out of 3 isn’t bad) but because it’s shown promising results by the hfea. Go for it. What have you got to lose? xx

I wanted to have one for my upcoming FET, but my clinic have stopped doing it!! I’m going to try embryo glue instead though... just so we feel like we’re doing everything we can!

Good luck xxx

I think I will be trying it next time round, I will try anything that could help my chances. So I guess it’s how you both feel about it, will you regret it if you don’t try....I don’t think there’s any harm and I’ve heard of many women on here having it and having a positive outcome. Good luck x

All I can say is it worked for my daughter wishing you success x


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