Endo Scratch?

Hi ladies. Has anyone had an endo scratch before? Just had my follow on appointment with doctor after my first failed FET. She has recommended me to have this done next week. Apart from that as its only my first go its just a matter of time and you have to just keep trying as I'm otherwise healthy. She said it was just unlucky as I have good blasts (the one used in my first FET was a grade 5a). I just had crinone gel in my last transfer so this time I'm having oestrogen tablets as well so combined with the scratch the next try should hopefully bring in good results! She also recommended having two transferred despite being only 26. Has anyone had any good outcomes after having the scratch?

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  • I had the endo scratch and I am now 9 weeks pregnant. It hurts for a few seconds and not sure having it helped, but my clinic recommended it and there success rates are brilliant, what have you got to lose? X good luck

  • When I went to the seminar we got told that it was voluntary... I'm having it done... nothing to lose :) fingers crossed for you hun x x x

  • What is endo scratch what do they do, I've just had a failed Ivf cycle could this help us next time.

  • hullivf.org.uk/~bzlizlni/fi...

    I don't know if this could help... I am currently under the care at Hull IVF Clinc and it's an amazing place!! x

  • Hi ladies, i am guessing iv had a endo scratch aswell!! i had been on norethisterone for 2months. And after each period, my cycle got abandoned due to my uterus lining being too thick. So my consultant recommended a uterus hysterscopy with cuterage, scrapping the lining.(so i think this endo scratch) I am again on norethisterone, and after this period, hopefully if everything is ok, then i can starts stimulation by the end of this month.my consultant told me that, after this procedure there is a better chance of embryo implantation. Hope this info helps you

  • Thank you ladies. I have been reading up on it and it seems to help. Obviously some women havent had this done and they have ended up pregnant, but as you say take what is on offer! I had the procedure where they inject fluid into your uterime cavity and it was all normal so its still early days in my doctors eyes. Trouble is when you have a failed cycle you struggle to be positive! I think we end up knowing too much about all of this medical stuff for our own good! Good luck ladies zlx

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