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Natural FET struggling to trust my body!


I feel like I'm going back in time! I just lined up in boots and bought a clear blue ovulation test kit. I last used one of these about 2.5years ago back in a far off time when I was oblivious to the fact that we would have any trouble TTC!! How wrong was I??!!

Here I am again about to poas and wait for a smiley face. When I handed my purchase to the cashier along with a tub of folic acid I'm sure the cashier was thinking 'aww how lovely she's trying to have a baby' well yip I'm certainly trying!!

So the point is after my recent failed medicated FET my consultant has suggested we try a natural cycle with my last frozen embryo. I'm struggling to get my head around this probably because I've lost all trust in my body to do anything right! Although I feel relieved that I won't be pumping my body full of hormones I also feel completely daunted as all those drugs have played such an integral part in my previous cycles.

Has anyone else tried a natural cycle after a failed medicated cycle and had success? How did you get back on board with your body?

Love to here your thoughts/experiences xxx

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I feel like a few months ago I would of written this post when my consultant recommended a natural FET I thought he was crazy. Although we’ve had a few hurdles along the way, I have to say the date for transfer came round so quickly and it was a welcomed relief to not have to pump my body full of drugs. I had transfer yesterday so can’t tell you the outcome yet but definitely try and stick with it if you can xx

Beechnut1 in reply to E_05

Thanks for your reply. I totally agree it is a welcome relief to not have to take any drugs. We're doing a test run this month to just check I'm ovulating and progesterone levels so fingers crossed all goes well and It'll be full steam ahead next month. Best of luck with your cycle, I've got everything crossed xxx

E_05 in reply to Beechnut1

Thank you, same to you. That’s good that your doing a test run, I guess mine is completely natural as I’m still taking progesterone xx

My two bfps were both fets; a medicated and a natural modified. Compared to the medicated fet the natural was an absolute breeze (although I still had to do injections of lubion). No down regulating and no nasty side effects xx

Beechnut1 in reply to Tugsgirl

I just did lubion injections on my last cycle they are nasty! I think I would feel better if I was at least taking progesterone. No meds at all really feels daunting! thanks for your reply xxx

We are currently on CD8 of a natural FET and it is so odd not having any medication! I keep forgetting that I’m in a cycle, which is nice, but I’m also worried the transfer date is going to come around so quickly that I won’t be ready for it!! I’ve heard lots of positive stories about natural cycles which is why we opted for it so fingers crossed it works for us both! Wishing you lots of luck for next month xx

Beechnut1 in reply to Snez84

Thanks for your reply and reassurance. Fingers well and truely crosses for you too xxx

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