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Post Lap


Oh my god my whole stomach is in agony and surprise suprise the money makers found nothing wrong with my uterus and tubes which is good but an unnecessary procedure...

literally cannot move the whole abdomen muscles hurt and it feels like have mega trapped wind in my sides when I bend or turn on my side. I woke up in the hospital bed last night drenched a third of the bed with blood from the vagina which has stopped today. I also feel like I have heart burn?

Anyway just an update and my next follow up consultation is in three weeks hoorah......

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Hi DanniJones. You poor baby, sounds like you had a rough ride of it. Your tummy will be full of gas that they use to puff it up so they can see more easily. You may get some shoulder tip pain as a result too (referred pain). Have a rest when you can and take some regular paracetamol, unless something else has been written up for you. No anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Hope you soon feel better, and watch where you're passing that wind! Thinking of you. Diane

What a lovely reply that was so comforting ❤️Thank you xx yes I did have the shoulder pain and some chest pain that I thought was heart burn. They gave me diclofenic which is an anti inflammatory and some paracetamol but yes thank you xxxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to DanniJones


Hi love. I had laparoscopic tube removal just over 2 weeks ago and I was pretty uncomfortable for at least 5 days. The trapped gas is awful isn't it?! Get plenty of rest, regular paracetamol, lots of fluids and you should start to feel better soon. I was essentially back to normal after about 10 days. X

Wishing you a quick recovery!! Rest up and take it easy.xx

I know exactly how you feel as I’ve had 8 laparoscopies over the years and they are no fun! The trapped gas is more painful than where they have gone in! I found that a hot wheat bag around my neck helped with the pains in my neck and shoulders. I hope your feeling better soon 💕 Xx