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Hi all, I had egg collection on the 27th and when I woke up I couldn't stop vomiting! My treatment went well up until then. I had a fair few follicle ranging from 22mm and my lining is 11mm thick.

I've been in so much pain since so had an emergency scan done today which revealed that my ovaries are swollen post the egg retrieval.

They collected 10 eggs of which 8 fertilised with icsi.

Has anyone else been so sick after ?

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  • Hi Lillymini,I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so rough! I think they should warn people about the pain after the retrieval- I didn't vomit,but my stomach swell up so much I had to wear joggers to work! It stopped after a couple of days but if I had known I'd feel like that,I would have definitely taken a few days off. Take it easy and rest as much as you can.xx

  • Thanks so much I'm starting to feel better today thank god as its embryo transfer on Monday.....

  • Good luck! Hope it all goes well!xx

  • Thank you please pray for us xx

  • Hope you feel better soon. It's all a bit traumatic on the body, drink lots and take it easy.

  • It has been hard these last few days but I'm starting to feel better today xx

  • Did you have general anaesthetic for egg collection? Sometimes that can make people throw up. I felt really bad after EC too. I hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • They say it's sedation but I was completely out of it and woke up back in recovery. Is this how you felt ?

  • Yes I was totally out cold, I woke up in recovery as they were wheeling me back. Apparently I was asking for my partner but I don't remember any of this!

  • Gosh sounds like me..... I'm still not 100% and we have egg Collection tomorrow!

  • Good luck tomorrow. It will be ok in the end. πŸ˜€ xx

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