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My egg collection went well yesterday.I was OK up until the drugs started to wear off in the afternoon then I was in trouble...never known pain like it last night. At one point we considered going to A&E!

I feel like I've been punched repeatedly in my stomach and I can't barely walk so I'm staying in bed all day today and taking tomorrow off too.😣

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  • i was the same after EC took me at least 3 days to feel normal again dont worry about it just keep taking paracetamol that will help with the pain, xxx

  • I had my egg collection yesterday too and also feel quite a bit of pain , it's to be expected tho I guess , regular paracetamol And rest and I hope it settles for both of us! I'm anxiously waiting for the call now ! Xxx

  • Yes just had my call. It was good news 😊Fingers crossed it is for you too.Blastocyst transfer on Saturday xx

  • I felt exactly the same. I struggled to walk the afternoon of EC and the next day was still pretty tender. Keep your paracetamol up every 4 hours and rest.


  • Hi Buffy21. So sorry to hear this. Sounds like your ovaries might still be a bit active. Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep up with the paracetamol, unless something else is prescribed. Rest when you can and no anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Awwww thank you .I'm much better now on day 3. Back to work tomorrow xx

  • Fab! Good luck! Diane

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