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It starts with an egg


Hi Ladies

I just finsihed reading the It Starts with an Egg book and thought i would give a wee list of vitamins that were recommened for IVF success for woman with Premature Ovarian Failure. I have listed below. It was also recommened that we check food packaging and plastics with the BPA toxins and not to wear perfume or nail varnish as this can be harmful to the our eggs. Reduce refined carb food like white bread, potatoes and pasta.

75mg of microsnised DHEA - I got mine from Price Power in the states.

300mg of CoQ10

800mcg of Folic acid

500mg Vitamin C

200iu of vitamin E

3mg melatonin when stims start (i will talk to doc about this 1st)

Men also to take multi vitamin and reduce alcohol intake.

Hope this helps but please speak to doctor before taking anything. The book also gives supplement advise on other conditions like PCOS, worth a listen on audio download xxx

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Thank you for sharing this very interesting and good luck to you xoxo

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