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Period after miscarriage waiting


I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and was just wondering if anyone else who went through this at 5 weeks how long it took there period to arrive i have tried to figure it out and have dated it from the day i started bleeding heavy so today would be day 29 of my cycle based on that i have tender breasts the last few days which is usually a sign i am due to start and have been getting lots of clear discharge

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I had a 32 day cycle following managed miscarriage at 8.5weeks, then 30 day x

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Thank you for your reply

I’m so sorry for your loss 😔 & I hope you are starting to piece things back together xx

I think everyone is different... my period went AWOL for 6 weeks 6 days, but that’s just me... I’ve heard of women just tripping straight into a normal cycle.

I also didn’t ovulate until the cycle after (we were tracking via those home ovulation kits). However when I did next ovulate we fell pregnant naturally (I am now nearly 21 weeks) after a crazy number of years trying! I genuinely think you may be more fertile after a miscarriage (I had very noticeable EWCM, sorry if that’s gory 🤣). Every cloud... 🌧🌈🙌

I genuinely hope that happens for you too xxx

Hey I have experienced two miscarriages but luckily my body fell into normal cycle straight away and my periods cane exactly as they normally would if not a little heavier on the first one. I wouldn’t worry too much everyone’s body is different and yours will come xxxx

First sorry for your loss.

For me I always had regular cycles so when I lost my baby at 4.5 weeks my period arrived exactly 28 days after the last bleeding of the miscarriage which is when the gynae doctor at EPU said it should arrive. As there was no content left over she said we could start trying after that period if we felt like it.

Tho I know some women take a while to get back to normal. It can take a few months to settle down. xoxo

Sorry for your loss. It’s not a nice thing to go through. I had a miscarriage around 4.5 weeks and started bleeding as soon as I came off my meds at 5 weeks. My following period was pretty much on time give a day or a so (mine aren’t hugely regular anyway so a couple of days late or early is relatively normal for me). I hope yours come back to normal soon.

After my 1st miscarriage at 12w I bled for 16 days stopped then got my period 18 days later. So if I ovulated it would have been 4 days after the bleeding had stopped. My cycles returned to 25 had the odd 23 day. I'm currrently miscarrying again at 12w probably be around the same will have to wait and see.

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Im so sorry that awful 😯

I'm nearly 4 months after my last miscarriage (number 2) after I stopped bleeding and nothing! I'm going to see GP next Saturday about this. Also have PCOS!

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