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Still waiting for BFN after miscarriage?


I am very confused I was 7 weeks pregnant and I miscarried , however, my pregnancy test is still very strong positive it's been about 2 weeks since the miscarriage process started. I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience when did yours hi negative ?

The EGU said don't worry about the pregnancy tests you will get your period in 4-6 weeks. How will I if my HCG is not in decline. The line of the preg tests are sane darkness as they were when I started the process of mc. I only had tissue left .

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Did they get you back for a follow up scan after the miscarriage to check the lining thickness? Normally they would check this about a week after the miscarriage had completed because if the lining is still thick, there may be some tissue left behind that would require removal.  It can take a few weeks for your cycle to go back to normal but do make sure they're happy with the lining thickness.


Thanks for this. They said they are not scanning me again and just to wait for my period in 4-6 weeks. They are not even concerned that I still have a positive strong test even though the bleeding had stopped now . My GP will call me this morning ... I am concerned  I didn't get another to check if all the tissue had passed 


It's just my experience that they do this at my hospital and assumed it would be the same for you. I do remember I took a pregnancy test around the time I was to go back for a follow up scan and it was still positive but the scan showed that all the tissue was gone. 


Oh ok that's interesting maybe it just takes longer for HCG to leave the system . I'll see what the GP says for a second opinion as the EGU are not concerned 


The GP just called and said there was no need to do a pregnancy test as the scan shows the miscarriage was 'virtually' complete. Means there is some some tissue left but wait for the hormones to settle down , give it a week or so and expect my period in about 4 weeks. I asked her about signs of infection so I know what to watch out for. I guess I  will just take it easy and not think about it now and wait for my period.


Ah, perfect. Great that they were able to reassure you. Hope things settle down for you soon! I think it will be the one and only time you'll be grateful to get your period. x

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I'm glad your GP got back to you. I had a missed mc from natural conception, discovered at 12 week scan and it took a long time for everything to pass as they were identical twins and had medical management. First 'natural' mc was much quicker. 

At final visit to hospital for scan the nurse did a pregnancy test and said "Oh good you're not pregnant." Not very thoughtful of her! At least you are being spared that experience. 


I'm sorry to hear that you have been through these sad times.

Do you how many weeks it took to get a negative pregnancy test with the first natural miscarriage?


I didn't do a pregnancy test with the first pregnancy as I just thought my period was late due to stress, I was completing my MA dissertation at the time, duh! Although I'd had a few symptoms but as my 'period' turned up 2 weeks late so I didn't get to the testing stage, I thought I'd test if I missed a second period. Months later I realised that I had been pregnant and had a miscarriage and this was confirmed midwife on my 1st appointment with her in the second pregnancy. My periods were normal after the first mc, I suspect it was a chemical pregnancy but we'll never know.  


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