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Just an IVF winge... started spotting :(


Trying to take inspiration from others on here to keep positive, but am finding it so hard. Just started our second IVF cycle. We got two transfers out of the first one and both failed. Trying to seek solace in the fact we have four frozen from this 2nd cycle... our 5th blastocyst is currently on board. But just like the last two transfers have started with brown spotting and gross stringy bits at 7 and 8 days post transfer. Actually allowed myself to hope a little for this one xx

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Oops... we're on the same boat then! 12DP5DT of twin transfer started spotting since yesterday, I'm spotting non-continuous and bright red though. No clue if I'm going to sail through or just deal with disappointment again. Will ring up the clinic tomorrow if it doesn't stop naturally by morning for some reassurance and revised pessary dose or if they can reschedule for an early beta in 2-3 days.

I'd have said it could be implantation bleeding, you're just around the time. But then you already mentioned you've had similar spotting over your failed attempts.

Here's what some of the replies to my post says:

1. It can be pessaries if you've been prescribed it, some changes in dosage could possibly help.

2. The early beta option is still there if you want some clarity and don't want to wait up miserable, pondering on the possibilities and enduring the insanity.

3. A lovely lady shared her success story and she is currently 17 weeks pregnant and she has been spotting all through the 2WW.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed... for both of us to get a BFP!

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Thank you lovely! Wishing you all the luck in the world also. I have my blood test tomorrow so just a sitting duck until then. I had pressaries for the first transfer and due to early spotting was moved into progesterone injections for the second transfer (FET). This third one was using the injections again but this time a fresh transfer. I haven’t had as much cramping as with the other two accompanying the spotting, but nonetheless I just ‘feel’ the way I do when AF us about to arrive 🙁 keeping everything crossed for us all xx

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