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Hello just hoping for some advice got follow up meeting next week after first Ivf fail, and not sure when to start our second cycle is it best to wait? or go straight ahead?as we are in the zone! And bizarrely feeling a lot more positive. we had our first cycle in July but was on the long protocol so test day was beginning of August. Has anyone started second cycle soon after a failed one and had a bfp? Thanks in advance xx

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  • Hi Helenlou. As a general rule the earliest start is usually on the 2nd cycle after a failed one. However, your consultant knows you best and will advise you accordingly. I always feel that if all doesn’t go to plan first time round, the clinic will have learnt lots about you and can “fine-tune” your cycle next time. So pleased you are feeling more positive, which is a good start, and obviously I do wish you both every success this time. Diane

  • Thanks for reply Diane, what is the general rule to start is it 3 months? Is there specific questions you can advise me to ask the consultant in meeting? All advice greatly received. I believe I have a implantation problem. Xx

  • Hi Helenlou. Yes, that's about right, but your consultant will advise you on his/her recommendations. If you would like, I can send you a whole list of questions for you to have a look through. Too long to add here, but if you email me, in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send them to you. Hope this helps. Diane

  • Yes please Diane that be great, I will email you now. Thank you so much xx

  • My pleasure! Make sure you spell it out correctly including the uk!! Diane

  • Hi I had a second treatment 2months after a miscarriage which from our first IVF (so not quite the same). Everyone told me it was fine to go ahead but turned out it wasn't due to trauma sustained during first egg recovery. I should have know though as I was in ALOT of pain for 7-8weeks after EC. My advise is listen to your body, if you had no trouble after EC then likely hood is the normal waiting time is fine for you, don't just rush, which is what I did & ended up getting to EC second time but no transfer. Good luck x

  • Thanks for reply poochi I seemed to have found the experience of ec and et quite uncomfortable and wasn't sure whether it was due to have a ectopic preg with iui 3 months prior to this as. It's such a dilemma not knowing what's the best thing to do I feel fine in myself at the moment. I see what my consultant suggest next week. I wish you luck with ur next treatment. Xxx

  • Our situation is similar to yours. Long protocol with a test day around the same time as yours. We were obviously thrilled with a BFP but had to face the devastation of an empty pregnancy sac & miscarriage. We've just had our 'follow up' appointment at the clinic & were told that they could see no reason why we should not try again. There's about a 10week wait to get started so I reckon we'll get booked in pretty quickly...I'm also feeling optimistic about our 2nd go! At least we know what to expect this time round! Good luck!!!

  • Hiya yarwoody thank you for reply. So sorry to hear of your news that must have been devasting for you. It's strange how we feel different on our second go hopefully this will be the one for us both. I'm interested to see if our consultant next week so fingers crossed. Wishing you lots of luck. Xx

  • Hi. I got my BFN a week ago and had my follow up appointment this week. Were going for our second attempt in October during my next cycle but having FET not fresh. Personally I think it's up to you and how you feel physically and mentally. As you say, you're in the zone so you've got nothing lose.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust 👶 xx

  • Hiya boothy1883 thank you for reply it's so interesting to hear lots of us in the same boat and how soon people are doin another round of treatment. Our second cycle will be a fresh one! So starting from scratch. But I am a lot more prepared for this one. Sending you lots of luck and lots of baby dust. Xx

  • Hi there

    I too had my ET in July and a BFN in early August (first cycle). It took ages for me to get the thumbs up for EC and was injecting gonal for approx 21 days. Had my follow-up appointment last week and was told everything looked good was just bad luck. 😟

    They are giving me a different injection this time around and a slightly higher dose to see if I can get more mature eggs (out of 11 eggs collected only 4 were mature).

    I am going in on a positive as they know a bit more this next cycle as they have my first to compare it with and mine starts all over again my next period ( October).

    Good luck with ur next cycle, sounds like we'll be having it around the same time.


  • Hello skidding ton thank you for reply so exciting to hear that many of us will hopefully starting our second treatment together I hope I have a positive meeting with consultant next weekend and some advice to help the process become a big fat positive. Fingers crossed to you and your cycle. Xx

  • Have you been for your follow up appointments? How are things looking for your second cycle? I've called our clinic & have an appointment in December (soooooooooo far away...grrrrr!) Didn't have anything to freeze so having to start a fresh cycle again. Wishing you luck xx

  • Hiya yarwoody how are you doing? Yes we have been for for our follow up last week. We not starting our next treatment until January was really disheartened as my cycle so irregular it cud even work out my 21 day be in feburary .. as im doin long protocol. I'm just planning on lots of lovely weekends with my hubby.. we are the same whole fresh new cycle but strangely I'm feeling alot more positive about second cycle. Sending you lots of luck on next cycle keep me postedxxx

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