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Due cycle today no sign yet


Hi ladies today is my expected cycle day due to my cycle beads and there is no sign yet I have had some discharge today and few on and of dull pains my boobs/nipples has been sore to touch up to Tuesday but no longer sore and I have been peeing bit more than normal, my boobs feels weird and belly feels not sick but almost strange I have never been pregnant before so not sure of signs trying to conceive 11yrs now, had one tube removed in April this year and was seen by specialisy in May this year been told I had very good chance getting pregnant with one tube and started me on letrozole for 3 mounts taken days 3-5 of cycle my ovalating days was days 8-19 and I was in bed for most of the two weeks.. I went gp she did dip stick told me was kidney infection started me on antibiotics 2 weeks ago and now I'm curious to know if I might be preggers I don't want to ginks myself once again any advice

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No advice but just wanted to wish you lots of luck and send baby dust x

Hi ladies guess it's another course letrozole today day one but dissapointed but hey


Hi Lexigrace2017. I think you've just got to wait it out. If you become 2 weeks overdue, then do a test. Good luck! Diane

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