Are signs of pregnancy normal after gonal f cycle?

Hi all, I have IVF cycle cancelled due to poor response to drugs. I had 7 follicles, but problem with bloodwork? Anyway, period was due a week ago, I have huge boobs, weird tingly sensations all over and v v tired. Too scared to take a pregnancy test ...has his happened to anyone else? My infertility is unexplained. Hubbies sperm good - been blaming my age - am 41. Can there be an other explanation?

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  • Really sorry to hear this but don't give up, every cycle is different and you could respond positively to a different mix of stims meds. My first cycle last year was also with Gonal f and cancelled after none of the none of the follicles/eggs fertilised. If took 2-3 weeks for the side effects to slowly leave my body. These are powerful hormones they bump into our bodies. With Gonal f in particular I tend to get very wide hips, sore boobs, sore tummy and a sensation if I was pregnant already. Take the test just in case (it's scary because it will probably mean letting go of the last bits of hope) but you need to know one way or another. Fingers crossed for you whatever happens; you're not alone. Hope for the best for you!!

    I'm due to my EC this morning (my third cycle) - wish me well, it has been by far the most difficult cycle so far in every way and I can only hope it's worth it 😒 xoxo

  • Good luck today x

  • Thanks for the reply - and good luck to you. I am not pregnant, took test, but feelings resulted in mini meltdown and I had to take the day off work. Hubby has been great xx

  • The meds play havoc with your not sure if they can also give false readings on tests so maybe check with the clinic? I'll keep my fingers crossed for u tho that these r pregnancy signs x

  • Yes I think they can, but that might be the trigger drug?? I'm not sure, although we went through to implant our first cycle failed, and the hormones were definitely playing havoc with me for a couple of weeks afterwards. I had December off and we are now on our 2nd round with icsi.

    I hope all is ok and good luck!


    Good luck with your EC this morning! Xx

  • I didn't get as far as the trigger drug which is why I was holding on the last wee bit of hope.....but test says no, so just having my meltdown and getting on with life xxx

  • Hi cazzieb75. The drugs should be out of your system within a few days of stopping. However, it can take some weeks before your period gets back to normal, but not in every case. I think you probably need to be brave and take a pregnancy test to put your mind at ease. Good luck! Diane

  • I did it, and it was negative. x

  • I got a letter from the clinic (royal infirmity) today to say I have a follow up appt on 12th April!!!! Can't quite get my head around this. I will be just 42 by then, and they will defo be able to say my case can't be reviewed as too old for NHS treatment, no matter how botched up my first lot was! Going to make an appt with the Nuffield. Do you know if the NHS are obliged to give me my notes?

  • Hi Cazzieb I don't know anything about NHS but just wanted to say that you were really brave for taking the test and getting the result. The mini or maxi meltdowns are perfectly normal in the IVF journey and that's what this forum is all about; not just sharing information but the ups and downs. It's great that you have your hubby too to support you. Go though the motions to get emotionally ready for the next cycle. Private clinics work quite differently from NHS so it can be a bit of a whirlwind how quickly things can progress. Fingers crossed it all works out for you. Keep us posted. My egg collection went well and I had a phone call today that all six eggs they collected were fertilised! So transfer planned for Thursday. This is great news but I'm extremely wary after last years cancelled cycles and MC. So one step at the time and holding on to hope is the only way forward. It's not over until the fat lady sings xoxo

  • Thanks so much for all the support! Let me know how it all goes, sending best of love and wishes......xxxxx

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