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Spotting at almost 7 weeks


So on Thursday I had a scare with some heavy bleeding it didn’t last long and a scan on Friday showed we have a heartbeat and all looks ok.

I’ve woken up early this morning to more spotting, it’s very light but I can’t help worrying. I know this can be totally normal but it’s hard to think logically about it when it’s so terrifying.

Has anyone else experienced spotting and gone on to be fine? Did the clinic do any tests? All I’ve had is an ultrasound and I can’t help thinking I want them to check bloods or something too. I’m worried this is a hormonal issue and potentially fixable but that they won’t investigate it. 😬

Any advice much appreciated!!

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Hi just wanted to offer some support . I’m approx the same as you ( I’m 7 weeks on wed). A week or so ago I had a bright red bleed with pains . It stopped and then about 5 days later it happened again . I was Originally told by my clinic to just monitor it . I ended up going to a&e and got referred for a scan . They said I have a hematoma around the fetus and to expect more bleeding . I was only just over 5 weeks at the time so they couldn’t see too much other than a sac and what looked like a flicker . Anyway my point is the clinic and hospital have said it’s so common and if you had a scan and all is ok then the bleed must be something else . They said the bleed has been caused from the embryo implanting , I have another scan on Tuesday to check how everything is so I’m just praying all will be ok .

Could you insist on bloods ? Are you on the pessaries? Praying that all will be ok for you . It’s such a worry xxx

They’re not seeing us again till Friday, our 7 week scan was meant to be Monday but they decided there wasn’t much point doing them so close together so they moved it. I’m not on any medication at all now I was on blood thinners when I had the heavy bleed on Thursday and I stopped them, I was about to stop anyway so figured a couple of days made no difference and today it’s just light brown spotting so much less worrying. I just wonder if I can get something done privately. I’ve read it can be cervical bleeding because it’s changing at this time in the pregnancy and I’ve had a cervical erosion before but they didn’t check that either. I just worry about how disinterested they are I get it’s normal for them but it’s not normal for me!

I hope all is ok for you too. Fingers crossed for Tuesday! x

Hi lovely I know everyone is different but I had a bleed at 6 weeks no pain just a bleed. Scan showed one baby ok but maybe lost a twin? The scan showed that there was still a little bleed left to come out which did as spotting over next week or so after initial bleed. I know have my little girl so all turned out well. Just wanted to let you know you can have a little bleed and spotting and all be well. Good luck and take it easy xxx

I guess it’s good they could see the source of your bleed and you knew what to expect. They said they couldn’t see any reason for mine which in a way is more worrying. I need to relax and accept it can be totally fine but it’s hard to do given everything we went through to get here! x

It really is hard to relax I will be hoping and keeping everything crossed for you. What a journey this is. Big hugs xxxx

I've not got any advice just wanted to say sorry your having this stressful situation! I hope it all settled down soon x

Sorry you're having to go through this, it's such an awful experience. I completely understand how worried and anxious you must feel as I had a very similar experience. I had quite a big bleed with cramping at 6w1d and continued spotting (mostly brown) for a few days after. My scan at 6w3d was perfect and they couldn't find the cause of the bleed. A few days later I had a very similar episode although the bleeding was worse and I passed a large clot. I had another scan at 7w1d and they found i had quite a big area of bleeding around the sacs but all was well with my twins. I had continued spotting for 2 or 3 days (again mostly brown). Things have settled down quite a lot but I have been off work and resting for 2 weeks. Yesterday when I went out for a small walk my spotting started again. They told me brown blood is old and to expect it for a bit. I am having another scan on Tuesday to ensure everything is still going well. My clinic didnt do bloods for me although they did at one point question whether to recheck my progesterone levels but then changed their mind as my previous levels were high. My advice would be to try and stay calm (or as calm as possible), relax and rest as much as you can to make sure things settle. Your scan is reassuring and it's great you're having another one soon. Could you ask again if they can check your progesterone levels? Is it nhs or private clinic? I hope that everything will be ok xx

It’s NHS but I think I will ask on Friday if this carries on. It’s not got any worse today and seems to be stopping again so hoping this is just leftover from Thursday. I’ve had a dodgy cervix in the past so wondering if it’s actually just that that’s bleeding potentially too as I read it’s going through changes at the moment. Your story is reassuring thank you, just hope it all settles down for you soon!! x

Glad to hear that things are settling down a bit for you today, I hope it continues that way. Definitely ask about progesterone if it continues or happens again (fingers crossed it doesnt) and speak to them about your cervix - sounds like that could be a possibility too. I've also been told bleeding in pregnancy, especially ivf pregnancies is quite common and a high proportion go on to have happy health babies. Hope your have an easy week and all goes well friday xx

I had bright red bleeding around 5 weeks, had blood tests and scan and all ok, I know have a 6 month old. I had had a very busy few days/week leading up to my bleeding don’t know if it was my bodies way of telling me to slow down. Hope everything works our ok for you xx

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