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Spotting at 12.5 weeks

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Morning everyone, has anyone else had light spotting at week 12? It's nothing more than a wipe away but is still nerve wrecking, my clinic released me earlier this week so rang the OB who said it was normal etc. It's happened twice this week, a couple of days apart because it's Saturday I'm going to ring again on Monday. Would love any feedback!

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I don’t think spotting is a big concern, the OB was right but it’s understandable that you would worry. It does seem to be really common to spot. As long as it doesn’t get heavy and isn’t accompanied by heavy cramping I’d try to push it to the back of your mind xx

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20182019 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you, it's just new & nervous!!

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I know. It all feels a bit precarious once you get your bfp doesn’t it? After 12 weeks your chance of a miscarriage drops significantly, hence why many people choose not to tell friends and family until then xx

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I totally agree with Tugsgirl. Spotting isn't really harmful or necessarily indicate something's amiss right away as long as it stays just a spotting with few specks of blood now and then. My sister had it started out of the blue around the 2nd trimester, middle of the span though. It was gone after a couple of weeks as suddenly as it appeared. It made her paranoid too.... and quite astonishingly the disappearance was more startling than when the spotting started... she grew more startled and panicked over it.

It's good to be watchful though when you're pregnant but I don't think you need to panic just yet... your emotional stability is very much important at this time. Stay in touch with your clinic for assistance and consultation though, even if it seems too obvious don't hesitate to ask. Sometimes mental satisfaction is crucial...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! <3

I've not got to this stage but it does seem common to have spotting. Try not to worry (easier said than done I know). Xxx

My wife had spotting around 13 weeks, which turned to a bleed with cramps, she filled a pad in the night - we were in pieces with worry, she was weeping convinced it was over- rushed to A & E , who told us to go home and see maternity in the morning. We thought it was over, had a scan, saw a very happy baby bouncing around, the consultant explained it was a clot that was nothing to worry about. She did have to have anti D injection.

Consultant said danger is when there is clotting in the blood, and its very bright red, don't hesitate to hassle your maternity unit with any concerns, you're not being silly and they wont mind. My wife is now going into 35 weeks and all looking well ( thanks god) so far.


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