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Anyone else?


Does anyone else sometimes feel like it’s just not going to happen?

I’m having a bad day! I have had a swollen/now confirmed as infected bite/spot on my face for about 5 days now! I felt so ill this morning ended back up the drs who have given me antibiotics to help clear it!

I am currently down regging, so checked these with clinic and they weren’t very reassuring Just said it’s down to dr to check really! He did check and couldn’t see anything wrong with me taking them but now i just feel like it’s another thing!

This is our 3rd round of icsi and we are paying for this cycle and I so badly want it to work but so worried it will go wrong! So silly I know!

I am already down regging for longer as my period only showed the day before the 2 week mark so got until Wednesday until my baseline scan. I guess I am nervous for this as we started this cycle back in May but it had to be cancelled as down reg didn’t do the job properly! I will be happier once the baseline scan is done and I’m onto the stimms!

Sorry for the rant just feel a bit rubbish today!

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Hey, just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck for your cycle xxx I defo know how you feel - and I’m sure everyone else has their down days too. Try to stay positive - keeping everything crossed for your BFP 🤞🏼🌈💕

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Thanks Hun, much appreciated. Just one of those days ❤️ Xx

I think its totally reasonable to have a down day! I get them all the time and think I would be weird if I didnt to be honest. You're allowed to feel fed up now and then, you've already been through a lot having done 2 cycles and I think that in itself turns to self doubt! Hope your bite gets better soon and all the best for your scan next week.....hang on in there! Sending a massive hug, sounds like you need one!xx

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Thanks Hun. You’re so right and I know I’ll be ok again soon just one of those days. Thanks for the kind comments and the hug, it’s definitely needed! Xx ❤️

I’m down regging too and have also been prescribed antibiotics for infection on my face. I was reluctant to take them but they said it would be fine. I guess as we aren’t post transfer it is safer. Good luck for your scan. 🤞🏻

Ah how strange that we have similar things going on. Yes, that’s true my antibiotics will be done the same day as my baseline scan so should all be ok. FC for you too Hun xx

Thank you, makes me wonder if we are more susceptible to it because of the down reg. Hope it all goes well for you x

You could be right there hun! I know a few people that have had bites etc but they haven’t come up like mine! It looks awful and typically on the top of my forehead!

When is your scan? X

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