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Cancelled Cycle

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Hi all

Started our second cycle mid Feb and have had a few problems along the way. DH got a really bad UTI and a cyst on his prostate which had to be cured with antibiotics early on in the cycle. We were so worried this would affect his sperm as our fertility issues are 0% motility.

Then my first baseline scan came back with a reasonably thick lining and high hormones, so I was asked to continue down regging for another week. After that week my lining was even thicker and I had developed a follicular cyst as my body was trying to ovulate. My hormones were high again so I had to have a cyst aspiration last week.

I had a repeat scan today to see if the cyst had gone and lining had gone down, but lining was even thicker (!!) and the cyst was back and bigger!!! They took bloods and said there were two options. Low hormones meant I would go on progesterone pessaries for a week in the hope I would bleed after and shed some of my thick lining. If the hormones were high they would have to consider cancelling the cycle.

Unfortunately my hormones were sky high and so I got the dreaded call to say they were cancelling my cycle after 6 weeks of down regging 😒 I have been told I can start again once AF appears but will go onto Buserelin injections instead of nasal spray. My worry is that I still have this cyst. I am in a little bit of discomfort on that side this evening (not sure if it's all in my head??) and am worried it will cause long term damage.

Has anybody else had this and know whether it will cause any issues for the next cycle? Also does anyone know how a cancelled cycle works with payment as we bought three cycles via Access Fertility? Do they class it as a failed cycle or do they roll it over to the next one?

Any help or advice would be greatly received and in the meantime I'm going to pour myself a large glass of wine!!!! 🍷


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I am so sorry your cycle is cancelled that is just so upsetting to have got this far. I do hope you enjoyed that glass of wine🍷I don't know anything about the access fertility payments but I hope you manage to complete this cycle next month..good luck xxxxx

Kloulou83 in reply to vic77

Thank you.

Had a couple of glasses last night but saving myself for Friday!! πŸ₯‚πŸ·


How frustrating! Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine (or two!) and I hope you get everything sorted out for the future xoxo

Kloulou83 in reply to Nesfin

Thank you 😘


Sorry to hear this, Im with access fertility and Im nearly positive they only class a cycle from if you get to egg collection so this should not be classed as one for you. Double check with them but i definitely think it's from EC onwards x

Kloulou83 in reply to Laura3101

Thanks Laura.

DH is going to call them today, so fingers crossed that is the case.


Hey, I had a cyst on my first cycle which did grow a bit with the hormones but mine wasnt big enough to do anything about an they drained it at egg collection. I dont think this will be counted as a cycle as it was cancelled early but call you clinic for peace of mind instead of worrying! Hopefully as with me the buserelin injections will sort you out for your next cycle! Enjoy your wine, you deserve it!xx

Thank you 😘

DH is going to call Access to see what they say. My mum works for a private hospital and the nurse that does their first trimester scans said the main parts classified as a cycle are EC and growing the embryos, so hopefully they won't class this as a cycle. We will have to purchase more drugs anyway, which is separate to the Access scheme.

Glad to hear your cyst didn't cause you any issues. Mine was quite large 2-3 cm and after aspiration it came back just as big.

It's all so strange as my first cycle went like clockwork, except BFN at the end!


That sounds positive then! My cyst was 2.3mm so it obviously didnt cause too much of a problem for me so hopefully it wont be a problem for you! Wishing you all the best.xx

Ah how frustrating for u!! Hope it all goes smoothly for your next round & u don't have to pay for this one!! Good luck!! Xxx

Kloulou83 in reply to 72cloud9

Thank you 😘 Xx

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