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Natural FET v Medicated FET?


I have had a follow up appointment with my consultant following the first failed FET and discussing what to do next.

I had a medicated transfer last time and the Progynova made me really ill and had lots of side effects (acne, bloating, headaches, lethargy, diarrhoea and generally feeling crap) so it has been suggested for the next transfer I don't take Progynova and instead only take the pessaries working around my natural cycle. However, there is a higher risk of cancelling the cycle if it's not medicated.

I would be interested to hear what people's views on this are and those that have tried both ways as so difficult to decide what to do! I don't want to feel like crap again but also don't want to have to cancel the cycle xx

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My first fet was medicated too. Like you I had some awful side effects. A natural modified fet was recommended for me on my next one. It was definitely the right decision. I think that as long as your cycles are fairly regular there isn’t much of a problem xx

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Thank you for this it is really helpful. I'm paying privately so a bit concerned about the costs of an abandoned cycle but my periods are regular and I think if I can avoid the medication it may result in a better outcome for me if I don't feel so ill and drained! Xx

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Exactly. Good luck xx

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