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Receptivity test


So we went for our consultation and if my period comes this month then we will be back on the rollercoaster! For those of you who are interested this is what will happen.....

I will take progynova and then later progesterone, so basically a frozen cycle. When they would normally put the embryo back they will actually take a biopsy and send the sample to a clinic in Spain and a clinic in France. They will hopefully find out if my window to implant the embryo is correct and if not will alter meds and when to put the embryo back. The second test will directly test the NK cells in the womb, to see if the cells are doing what they should, if there’s too many/not enough etc. And again they will alter treatment. We are hoping it will shed some light on what’s going on and will enable the clinic to do a more bespoke regime.

Now for the cost! It’s £1000 as we are existing patients, and if you’re new patients then it would be £2400.

I hope that’s shed some light on it!!


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Wow that sounds very personalised to you 🙂 It’s definitely not a one size fits all. Sounds like your clinic are giving you the very best chance. Be interested to hear how you get on! Good luck xoxo

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Thank you! Yeah I’m lucky my clinic have started testing, but like anything there’s no guarentees🤦🏼‍♀️!! Hey ho! How are you? Xx

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I know if only there were! But we have to have hope it will be our turn 🙂

I’m good thank you. My GP us chasing up my endo consultant because still no sign of my appointment & his secretary hasn’t rung me back ( I rang on Friday 🤦🏽‍♀️she wasn’t very nice ) The other issue has happened again so she’s writing to him 👊🏻🙂 xoxo

Glad to hear that you have a way forward! Ive read about this a few times for myself. Do let us know how you get on, always good to know the options out there!xx

Oh I’m sure I’ll be boring you all with my usual dramas!! I hope you’re ok lovely xxx

Ha ha ha that's how I feel, life is just one big drama at the moment!! Im fine just hoping that my lining is play ball for FET, next scan tomorrow!!xx

Oh good luck! Fingers bloody crossed!!!! Xxx

Wow good thing you’re already existing patients then. None of this is cheap is it?! Hopefully though you’ll find it a productive thing to do and learn things that will help you get a bfp and that much longed for baby xx

Ooo, I would be really interested in following the updates on your progress with this. Good luck!! Xx

Thank you for updating us on the process - very interesting to hear about. Good luck! x

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